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A call to Truth Squad the corporate media

the corporate media are a bunch of liars. they've been exposed here. let's keep exposing them, and let's hassle them about their lies every step of the way.
The A22 Bush Protest here in Portland provided a stark reminder that corporate media cannot be trusted to present a story fairly or accurately. The bias against democratic action and in favor of police violence was on full display in the local press, even with the comparatively sympathetic reports provided by media outlets whose employees were attacked. The Tribune characterized the protests as a "riot", though the only riot that day was a police riot, the Associated Press couldn't count, and the Oregonian was typically slipshod with the facts.

Dissent is becoming increasingly criminalized, legally, by the government and increasingly demonized, culturally, by the corporate media. When the corporate media repeatedly presents protesters as violent and police violence as justified, it is not reporting facts -- it is shaping perceptions. The result is a country full of people increasingly hostile to the veryidea of dissent, who will gladly give up their liberty for security, as we have seen since 9/11. The alleged "objectivity" of "professional journalism" is a sham; it is merely a style of writing or speaking that anyone can master with practice. Intelligence, integrity and creativity are not necessary. The ability to lie, however -- especially to oneself -- is a requirement. How else can these people sleep at night? They should be ashamed of the pivotal part they are playing in making the world a more dangerous place for freedom, individuality, and cooperation.

Here on portland indymedia, the corporate media lies about A22 were countered with truth. Not only did protest participants post their own first-hand accounts that showed what really happened, they also jumped on the corporate media stories and called out the errors, mischaracterizations and slurs that they found. They found many:


Here's how to contact some of the corporate media outlets that lied about A22:
Write, email and call. Just once, or over and over. Be specific about where they went wrong and point out details that you can counter from your own experience. Needle them about obvious bias. Ask them how they feel about making money by lying. Let them know that you're aware they're lazy. Say they should be ashamed. Tell them you go to indymedia, KBOO, and the Alliance for the real story.

If you write an individual "journalist" (and you definitely should), also cc: their editor and publisher. If you see corporate media on the street, stop and give them the same hassle. If you've got a video camera or audio recorder, stick it in their face; turn the dynamic around -- put them on the defensive. Let 'em know they're being watched like hawks and we don't like what they're doing, and we're gonna tell 'em every time.

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The CNN contact info is here, sorta: http://www.cnn.com/feedback/

They want you to choose which show you saw, or who was the anchor, etc. They don't make it easy. But go for it. It's worth it.


This page has a variety of ways to contact MSNBC, including local affiliates: http://www.msnbc.com/news/435157.asp?0bb=-m1