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actions & protests | alternative media a22: bush protest

Thanks KBOO!

Thank you KBOO and Portland Indymedia for broadcasting and covering the Bush Protest.
We listened to KBOO during the event to keep ourselves safe and connect with people who needed help. Thanks Portland Indymedia for documenting everything so that people around the world will know that Portland got up off their butts and stood up to fascism and the take over of democracy in America. Without access to these two last freedom protection media's we would be moving even faster to losing our country. Keep it up... I am asking everyone I know to support KBOO. WE ARE THE MEDIA!
i second that! 26.Aug.2002 22:30


KBOO presence at the protest and follow-up was great!

Right on KBOO crew! 27.Aug.2002 10:35

Lux Lucid

Yes indeed!

Several days before the Bush protest, someone started a heated Indymedia.org thread that questioned KBOO's dedication to announcing and covering alternative events and protests. But that FUD was proved incorrect.

For the several days leading up to the Bush protest, KBOO spread the word and often mentioned Indymedia.org. And the day of the protest, every single KBOO DJ made a point to inform the people. I listened to at least a half-dozen seperate call-in talk shows that allowed people to speak their mind, and/or give first-hand reports from the "front lines." Even when I wasn't at the protest, I felt like I was there thanks to the KBOO communication.

Great job KBOO crew, and listeners too!

Need cooperation and active support 27.Aug.2002 11:35


I take responsibility for starting that whole "KBOO Won't report on protests" snafu. It was a misunderstanding. While the news director did state that KBOO would not announce protests in their regular news...it was clear from listening to KBOO talk shows that the protest was announced in other venues and well reported during that after the event. And while I think the discussion was very educational for the Oregon community about what KBOO and Indymedia do for supporting a free society and a voice for resistance, I also think there were some misconceptions spread about KBOO.

I recently moved to Portland and did not often listen to KBOO in the Willamette Valley because there is a Christian right-wing station in Newport bombarding the airwaves and intercepting KBOO's frequency. I rarely got to hear the news from KBOO until I got to Portland. I did not understand the format of the talk shows and did not listen to them. I now understand that if the news director says "it will be covered by talk show hosts" that means that if WILL be covered.

My deepest apology for starting anything negative about KBOO. I need to work on learning to build coalitions and listening better. I will take responsibility for doing that. I am a veteran of the early days of alternative radio, I have not experienced any radio so supportive of ALL people and communities in Oregon in a long time. My radio dial is now glued to KBOO.

It is time for all alternative media to join forces, KBOO, Portland Indymedia, the alliance...now there would be a channel for a voice for democracy.

"We can change the world, rearrange the world. It's dying - if you believe in justice. It's Dying - if you believe in freedom. It's Dying - let a man live his own life - to get better."
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Source: Please come to Chicago

love KBOO - Become KBOO 30.Aug.2002 12:10

Ani volunteer@kboo.org

Thanks for the positive feedback about KBOO and our coverage of the resident's visit. I believe that that is KBOO at our best -- people using the media to keep our communities informed and safe. I want to let everyone know that KBOO works best when there is an energized and empowered volunteer force and you can become a part of that. Please attend an orientation for new volunteers (the next one is September 14 at 11 AM). Help out during our upcoming Membership Drive, it begins on September 23 and runs through October 12th. It takes a lot of hard work, a big dose of compassion & sense of fun, and the dedication of about 430 volunteers to keep us going. Remember that KBOO really is you! If you are already a member of KBOO, look for your ballot for the Board of Directors and vote! We are one of the very, very few community radio stations that actually believe in participatory decision making enough to have all board positions elected by the membership (most have at least several seats set aside for appointments to the board- ew).

Also, a reminder that KBOO will be having special programming on 9-11 from 7:30 AM - 9 PM. We will be interviewing Michael Ruppert, Greg Palast, Robert Jensen, Vijay Prashad, Betsy Toll and oh, so many others. You can get the latest information off of our website.

Ani Haines
Volunteer Coordinator / KBOO 90.7 FM

503-231-8032 ext. 21