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corporate dominance a22: bush protest

D.C. Sept 25-29 Protest the IMF/World Bank! And other Sept events..

Organizing for D.C. IMF/World Bank demonstrations?:

Go To:  http://www.globalizethis.org/fightback/index.html
Other events happening on this coast in September:

Reclaim the Media, will be happening in Seattle Sept 10-15 to protest the National Association of Broadcasters corporate takeover of OUR airwaves. Many great workshops are planned, and tablers and bands are still needed.
For more info on that, go to:


There will also be a conference in Eugene Sept 7-11 with informational workshops geared toward stimulating discussion of the events happening around 9-11, and how terrorism is happening to all of us in our daily lives, and how it has gotten worse since 9-11-01.

Updated details of workshops will be posted to the newswire of this site...anyone wanting to host a workshop is encouraged to email:  comingtogethereugene@hotmail.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.globalizethis.org/fightback/index.html