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Top 10 Police Excuses for Pepperspraying Infants

Top 10 Police Excuses for Pepperspraying Infants
Top 10 Police Excuses for Pepperspraying Infants

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motive 28.Aug.2002 20:38

motivated progressive

If you're interested in truly understanding why we have no choice but to do what we do, visit:







(and follow the links!)

If you can take the time to criticize our tactics for getting justice, you could also read up on the facts behind our agenda.

Considering what we know, you should respect the restraint shown by activists, given how rightfully angry we are, and what's at stake every time we take to the streets.

kids have rights too 28.Aug.2002 21:54

free the mindless

Kids are entitled to first amendmant protections just like adults. If anything, bringing kids to the protest opened their eyes(or shut them temporarily with OC) to the harsh world and police brutality. Great way to start them out at a young age in becoming good section 1983 lawyers or activists who see the lies of their president georgy and his drunk daughters first hand. oppression will either breed hatred or the anger will be channeled into something positive, which might mean a few cops loose their jobs. And outrightly either the pigs should be discharged or someone at the administrative level should take the fall and loose their job. Either way, this will be worked out in the streets or in a court of law. Piggies, your challenge should you accept, stand up to your superiors when they tell you to pummel innocent people excercising their freedoms which only exist when they are exercised. The more you smash the so-called liberals, the more headaches you bring onto yourself for your actions. It's your choice, cause as you can see, the people isn't going to bad to you piggies(3000 peoples this time, next time it might be 10,000). bushy boy isn't a legitimate president. no bogus forest liquidation and no war in iraq!

the cartoon was wonderful and props to the artist for channeling the energy into something meaningful. bad cop no doughnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mandatory child participation 28.Aug.2002 23:05


Democracy is a participatory activity. God forbid we should expose our children to how democracy is supposed to function.Just because the police are whacked out is not a reason for entire families to express their beliefs in our public streets. I'm also tired of hearing about how your precious little buisinesses were inconvenienced for a couple of hrs. I'm a buissiness owner and I can't think of a better reason to shut down a buisiness.At the risk of informing yourselves may I suggest reading todays copy of the Willamette Wk. There is a rare piece of actual journalism in there about A/22. Budnik did a good job of some background research into the use of pepper spray.
My hat's off to the father of that family.Next time the pResident comes to town I'm gonna shut my buisiness down and grab all my kids and hit the streets.And if you truly value freedom you'd better do the same.
I wonder if Jefferson would have been afraid to publicly assemble?

Pest Control 28.Aug.2002 23:42


Brutal cops should be swatted with thick pieces of paper called "pink slips," "indictments," and "lawsuits." Thankfully, Alan Graf and other lawyers will introduce a number of cops to the sound of process servers banging on their doors.

Freepers invading the Indymedia boards should be mocked as the credulating nitwits they are. Go back to Free Republic and tell your buddies how Ann Coulter makes you put your hands down your pants, and take your retarded chimp pResident with you.

Shame on the Portland Police 29.Aug.2002 05:21

A True Human Being

To those police officers who sprayed the crowd with pepper spray, I say shame on you. What makes you think you can harm people with no consequences? These people were well within the law when they took to the streets inprotest. It was you who broke the law when you pushed them into the so-called" First Amendment Zones". Someone please show me the law that says we have to protest in a predetermined area.
This Evil Empire in the WH has got to go, and the sooner you stormtroopers learn that, the better off you will be.
Remember, they were protesting to protect your rights too.

Yo Ho 29.Aug.2002 05:42

Consume! Obey! Do What Your God Tells You!

Hey freepers and pigs theres is 2 for 1 sale at the local Walmart this week. Bring your can of pepper spray. For every 6 month old you get to spray in the eyes and face you get another one free.

We will even make it safe for you, we will handcuff them ad beat them senseless beforehand so the big hairy babies won't drool on you. Freaks!

The Management

Beat me 29.Aug.2002 06:24

Radical Baby Huey

To all you pigs and brain dead zombie Freeperzoids out there, I have only one thing to say to you, "beat me",
I may grow up to be the one thing your fascist taskmasters
truly fear, an engaged, informed, thinking citizenry.

the root of the problem 29.Aug.2002 07:04


"take back the streets from these radicals"

rad·i·cal Pronunciation Key (rd-kl)
1) Arising from or going to a ROOT or SOURCE; basic: proposed a radical solution to the problem.
1) One who advocates fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions: radicals seeking to overthrow the social order.

Stop being tooled by fooled soldiers (cops) 30.Aug.2002 14:35


The police are decoys of those they've been taught and trained to trust. As long as we limit ourselves to facing them off, we are being diverted from our main interest:

to speak truths to non-military elites, the public at large, and the media (as a tool to speak to the public).

Just facing off soldiers called police in these semi-formal ways (including the black bloc) we are diverting our energy from the reasons we are out in public in the first place, in my view.

Police are basically trained soldiers. They must do as they are ordered or face losing their jobs and worse (for insights, read ex-LAPD cop Norma Jean Almodovar's book _Cop To Call Girl_ for insights about when a cop imagines she might speak up against the "code of silence"). Their academies and the information they get about social challengers is biased and simplified in order to keep us and them as divided as possible; this is true of any soldier ordered to engage "enemies".

When we better understand the orientations of institutionalized professionals like cops (and mainline media, and others we engage) we may learn how to stop letting them tool us.

We'd do our work a better service to try to avoid interaction with them. For example, the sudden action at the mall (reported with photos at this site) makes much more sense than these seemingly obsolete formal demonstrations. Demonstrations have their value, perhaps, but the question is, where is the tactic getting us? And, are we being distracted from our goals

Glad kids and seniors were involved 03.Sep.2002 06:16


We happened to be on vacation in Portland and were thrilled to join the protest. I was delighted to see the number of children and senior citizens there. Parents were showing their children exactly what democracy is all about. Power to the people! The only reason the police sprayed the protestors was to make us, once again, look like the bad guys. While the corporate puppet stomps all over the constitution, and the environment. I was impressed by a gentleman waking next to me, carrying a signthat said, "veterans against bush." He said that he didn't fight in WWII to have bush take people's civil rights away. Most people who have a full stomach and a full wallet every day think things are great.

Parallels with Nazi Germany 03.Sep.2002 10:34



Your comment: "Most people who have a full stomach and a full wallet every day think things are great."

This is part of the crux of the matter. As Hitler came to power, most people thought it was the time of their lives. Things were great. Jews were demonized and most saw no problem with it. Now we're demonizing Moslems. What's the difference? None.There are so many parallels between Bush and Hitler, it is eye opening. The Enabling Act of 1933 (?) for Hitler, Congress resolutions of Sept 14, 2001 for Bush; Reichstag fire for Hitler; WTC for Bush. How many have asked, "Who benefitted from WTC?" Big Oil is one. Now we can build that pileline in Pilelinestan, oops, I mean Afghanistan. The current world conflicts the US "finds" itself in was written in a book by former NSA analyst Zbigniew Brzenski in The Grand Chessboard where he arrogantly states that for the US to remain an Imperial world power we need to go out and place leaders in foreign countries to our liking. Huh? I bet the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves now. Which part of the US Constitution says we can go out and conquer the world? Are we following in wonderful footsteps like Imperial Rome and Nazi Germany? What happened to them? What will it take for people to wake up.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." - James Madison

For the first 3 empty comments and for Daru, you guys would blame a female rape victim for being the cause of the attack simply because she's female. That is abhorrent thinking.