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a22: bush protest

Pigs Pepper Spray Protesters

This video still from footage taken on August 22, 2002, shows Portland police pepper spraying non-aggressive but passionate protesters to force their barricade forward.
Pigs Pepper Spray Protesters
Pigs Pepper Spray Protesters
This video still from footage taken on August 22, 2002, shows Portland police pepper spraying non-aggressive but passionate protesters to force their barricade forward.

Location: In front of the Hilton, up the intersection from 5th and Taylor. Inside the Hilton, Reichfuhrer Bush hammed it up with wealthy political contributors, siphoning funds from Oregon's elite to Sen. Gordon Smith to help advance an agenda of ecocide and war.

CMC Coverage of A22 Anti-Bush Mobilization
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GO Portland PD 28.Aug.2002 19:43

PD Rocks!!

The Police are giving these SCUM what they deserve.

vocabulary 28.Aug.2002 20:12


So is "passionate" the word we are using now to describe passive resistance? "Non-aggressive" and "non-violent" seems to be tripping me up a bit now too because lots of non-aggressive and non-violent people I saw on A22 had angry faces, loud voices, threatening gestures, and profane language. Maybe we could just call those people non-combative and the officers in the photo passionate. They sure seem to love what they are doing. All sarcasm aside, however, most excellent photo. I sure pity the fool that took this.

Democracy for Dummies 28.Aug.2002 20:12

A Voice of Truth

Some call them scum; I call them heroes. After all, aren't the protesters the ones participating in the political process while countless others sit at home and watch television or find other ways to bear the tedium of their American life. Since voting has become a nominal way of participating in democracy, who can blame these committed men, women, and children for fighting something we should all hold dear? The Constitution and the Bill of Rights belong to us!

So the next time cops spray someone exercising their Constitutional rights, remember that the scum of facism infects those with the power -- the rich, the police, the politicans and other corporate peons. We the People pay the pigs, ergo they we have the right to hold them accountable for their unjust actions. Long live freedom!

DOWN W PORT 28.Aug.2002 21:03


jail them all or use the area for genetic testing.

WWII Pilots had a simple Refrain 28.Aug.2002 21:37

When they were getting a lot of FLACK:

It's a sure sign you're


(Of course, for protest movements, this is done through NONVIOLENT protest actions. This constant, patient, pressure, on the oppressive forces that attack us is the only hope we have to successfully return a semblence of democracy to this country. Innocent, law-abiding protestors will continue to be ILLEGALLY attacked by these thugs. In fact, I predict that the longer we stay peaceful, the more violent these attacks will become in the hopes that they will goad us into actions that will make us look bad on the evening news. This is when absolute, united resolve among protestors to remain peaceful becomes critical. They will try to divide and conquer through their abuse. DON"T BUY IT!!! Look to each other, when they start to get to you, start your own drums and slogans...talking to each other...not taunting them. This will strengthen you and not feed them. Get together to come up with positive, affirming chants and hypnotic rhythms that will keep your attention focused on each other and your cause when the cops are attacking you. Practice these BEFORE the action so that there is reduced opportunity for cops to distract and divide individuals from the group.

Good luck.

The future depends on what we do from here on out.

protesters got it coming 28.Aug.2002 22:08


These protesters should be more responsible than to be raising kids in a fascist third world toiletbowl like the U$A. What can you expect from pigs in Amerikkka? You think they're going to give your kids lollipops?

To the Terrorist of Portland (aka cells) 29.Aug.2002 02:00


You are a terrorist.

You are a radical who will even sacrifice his own children.

You have criminally endangered your community.

You are a subversive.

You are violating the public peace.

You are anti-government.

You are a psychological mechanic for injustice.

You obstructed justice.

You are participating in illegal activities.

You are an enemy combatant.

You are not a patriot of the U.S.

You are an urban warrior.

You are a civil disobedient citizen.

You do not respect authority.

Your belong to a dissident organization

You are involved in guerrilla warfare activities.

You are a domestic terrorist.

Hey Homeland... 29.Aug.2002 10:11


You are a Freeper. I win the argument, fuckwad.

Some people's kids !! 29.Aug.2002 10:20


If there were some other way to show the malignant few who would rape the planet and keep us cowed, tell me.

Darth Vadar costumes and weapons of mass torture make me think of sci-fi hell where robots enforce the rule of the corporation.

Struck a nerve. Big Brother has feelings. The voters saw and heard the reality and the lies. Faith-Courage-Enthusiasm! Protest now before they can bulldoze your house, and erase you.

If you were sprayed , sue. lalonde v county of riverside 98-55887 9th cir. us is your guide

Rants Against the Peaceful Protest 01.Sep.2002 10:30

Gal from Midwest

The more I read the rants, especially by PD Rocks, Port, Anon, Homeland and other sick foolish snot nosed brats, I'm beginning to wonder how many of the conservative punks are skin-heads. Either that, or the police officers that were spraying the pepper sprays etc.

PDROCKS, Port, Anon, HOmeland.......if you claim to be so damn patriotic ..........join the service. Put your patriotism where your mouth is.