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Audio File: Portland Lawyer Comments on Police Brutality During Bush Protest

Monday night was the monthly Indyscreening at Liberty Hall. This month was a special screening, featuring a film by Matt Ehling, 'Urban Warrior,' about the increasing militarization of city Police Departments. Paul Richmond, who did much of the research for the film came down from Seattle to comment and expand upon the content.
Besides the commentary by Paul Richmond, a local lawyer, ALan Graf, spoke directly to the events of Thursday, August 22, 2002, the Bush protest. Alan addressed the issue of police brutality and how we can keep this from occuring in the future. This 20 minute audio file is of that commentary.
Alan's website is www.hippielawyer.com

Police Accountability contact information:
Police Accountability Campaign
P.O. Box 11176, Portland, OR 97211
503-287-2255 www.policeaccountabilitycampaign.org

Contact information for the film, 'Urban Warrior.'

The link provided takes you to a page where this and other audio files are available.

homepage: homepage: http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org/audio.htm

What the heck 29.Aug.2002 02:35


That was not brutality that was justice. You so called protestors are doing nothing more than terrorizing the local merchants.

I wish the police would lock you up and place you on a work farm.

Economic terrorist 29.Aug.2002 02:38

Jon Valze

That was not brutality that was justice. You so called protestors are doing nothing more than terrorizing the local merchants.

I wish the police would lock you up and place you on a work farm.

^^^^^^^^^ =P 29.Aug.2002 15:11


Lock them up on what charges? Yes, in such protests someone usually gets out of hand, but for most people it is simply an act of practicing a RIGHT GARUNTEED TO US BY THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS!!!!

Do you wish to lock up any and all who voice their opinions? Are you aware that people who do not think along the same lines as you are indeed entitled basic constitutional rights including freedom of speech? Do you enjoy your state of ignorance?


Your wrong Jon 30.Aug.2002 06:06

Mark Davis

Jon the courts deal out justice not the police. The police arrest people when they break the law not beat them up. The family that was pepper sprayed were not breaking the law so the police were out of line for attacking them, that's why the family that the police pepper sprayed will get a large sum of money from the city of Portland, the officer will get a slap on the wrist, the children will fear police for the rest of their lives and the protest will go on. The police can be "used" to hurt people but it will cost the city of Portland alot of money and maybe the police chief his job for leting the police force be used by the "local merchants" against their "customers".

Fool 04.Sep.2002 10:08

Fraser Preston fapreston@hotmail.com

Jon is a fool and a stooge. What Jon doesn't get is that it could just as easily have been his opinions that the police disagreed with, and pepper sprayed him for, on that day. I guarantee he would be screaming for his rights then.

Yeah....that's what the Brittish said... 13.Aug.2004 09:32


Yeah....that's what the Brittish said...

Courts and justice - I think not ... 04.Jan.2006 22:11

Ramon Ramirez m_skokin@yahoo.com

So you think that courts have anything to do with justice?


Courts dispense the law. Many times, the law does "justice"
to the rich, to the lawyers, and to the institutions that
benefit from such laws.

Think about it for a second ...

The laws that are passed are formulated by special interests
in state legislature and U.S. Senate in the name of their own

Many legal cases are not held in front of a jury.
One such instance is misdemeanors (less than 1 year in the county jail)
Well, one year in jail can seriously disrupt your life.

Another instance is "family law", held behind closed doors.
Judges take arbitrary decisions that can affect your entire
life - often on a whim. I lost my kids, my house, my entire savings
to a bunch of greedy vultures. Again, there is a vested interest
in perpetuating injustice in the name of the law.

I can go on and on with regard to this topic.

In a nutshell - The law enforcement systen in the U.S.
is detrimental to justice within society. Period.