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community building | police / legal a22: bush protest

Eugene Citizen's Forum on A22

Several from Eugene OR who participated in the Portland A22 protest of the unelected pResident will hold a citizen's forum to discuss outrageous police reaction to our few thousand dissenters.
Date: Sep 3, Tuesday
Time: 7 to 9 p.m.
Place: Harris Hall (125 E. 8th, Eugene)
A22 Portland Protest
A public discussion

Including photographs of the police attack (we hope!)
and testimony from those who were pepper sprayed and shot at with rubber bullets

Tuesday, Sep 3
7 to 9 p.m.
Harris Hall (125 E. 8th) Eugene

It's time for us to speak out to stop the kind of police brutality that interrupted citizens from dissenting our government on August 22 in Portland.

Our public servants, the police, cannot be permitted to attack peaceful protesters as they have done in Eugene, Portland and other U.S. cities.

Democracy requires that citizens have the right to exercise free speech without punishment.

Our protest is the last voice we have left; we cannot afford to lose it.

For more information: Jennifer,  webclyde@juno.com or Hope,  hmarston@epud.net or Sarah,  sarah1@nu-world.com
portland or protest on aug. 22 02.Sep.2002 15:27

mike manfam@open.org

I am wondering where the airial film footage is of the the police attack on the protesters on 8/22/02? could the powers that be are keeping them from the media? after all they were up there filming. there is no doubt the police started the offensive and the fact that babies were pepper sprayed while in front carriers of the their mothers. i was at a bbq this sunday and a redneck was there who stated that the protesters should not have crossed the baricades and that they only used rubber bullets anyway. and that most of the protesters didn't know why they were there anyway. my wife told him that the toddler started the action by throwing a rock at the police! then we promptly left. but that is the view from the right the protesters got what they deserved. we need to answer them with that film footage if the media will play it.

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