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Cops pepperspray a small group of women

From the open publishing newswire: "...There was one large bulky officer who was getting out of control. He threw a bike to the ground and later threw it at my bike, then screamed at me to start moving, which was impossible since I had a bike tangled with my own. A fellow cyclist tried to calm the cop down, to no avail of course, as another helped me untangle my bike. At this point, I got on my bike and began to ride off. I had only pedaled a couple of times when I was hit full on in the face, twice, with pepper spray. As I was paralyzed and blinded, I had no choice but to drop my bike and find the nearest wall to lean against for support. I heard the large fat cop screaming "When will you learn? You have to learn!", a statement that still leaves me perplexed becuase I was following police orders at the time, and the only thing I learned from this instance was that our police force is absolutely unrational, irate, and uncontrollable..." [ Read more... ]

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