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police / legal a22: bush protest

Notice of Intent to sue filed with the City of Portland -- Witnesses and evidence needed

From the open publishing newswire: "Alan Graf, speaking at a Press Conference held at City Hall on September 5, 2002, announced the intention to sue the City and Police Chief Kroeker. The suit concerns violent actions taken by the police against non violent protesters during the August 22, 2002 demonstration against the fund raising visit of pResident Bush. He is suing in the name of at least 6 people who sustained injuries from unprovoked macing by Portland police, or other officers acting under PPD orders." [ Audio of press conference ]

Excerpts from speech: "Lloyd Marbet, Don Joughin, Corinna Andrews and their children, along with Evelyn Moyo and Sunny Walters and other yet unnamed plaintiffs announce their intent to sue the city of Portland, Mayor Katz and Chief Mark Kroeker for their unprovoked assault and attack on peaceful law abiding protestors who were exercising their First Amendment rights on August 22nd at the Bush protest."

"We will be asking for both monetary damages and injunctive relief. In particular, we will ask the court to order the police to cease and desist from using pepper spray, tear gas and rubber bullets for crowd control—similar, I might add, to what Mark Kroeker concluded over two years ago in his post May Day report."

"We now ask the courts, who have acted as the protectors of the constitution and bill of rights, to fulfill their historical duty and protect our bill of rights and save our struggling democracy." [ Full speech, legal details and photos ]

"[W]e are looking for witnesses and evidence to help us put together our law suit---Our email address is a-22-law@aracnet.com and phone number is 503-772-9989."

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