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forest defense a22: bush protest

Seeking A22 story for the EF! Journal

The Earth First! Journal is looking for a short article to accompany a series of photos from the A22 Bush Blowout Portland Protest. Any takers?
IMC Portland is a fine testimony to the reality that there are some damn fine writers and reporters here in the PDX Zone. They say they've got plenty o' pix...but are short the copy from someone who was there.

Here's the skinny. Do it your way, tell it like it was, and make it no more than 700 words. Email it to the editor at the EF! Journal:  tortuga@earthfirstjournal.org

In return, you'll be doin' us all the Good Favor and furthering the message for those who were not in the streets that day (but wished damned-well they were)! It's my understanding that there's no money involved, however the Journal could swing sending, for those who contribute and get printed, a nice little stack of the issue when it comes off the press.

Any questions, clarifications, or any other related comments can be directed to the above email address also. The editors name is Turtle.

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