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actions & protests | media criticism a22: bush protest

shout out to folks with A22 Bush Protest Video Footage

local folks are making a video which we hope will be a compilation of footage from MANY different sources.
Currently, a group of local folks have been gathering in order to make a documentary of the A22 Bush Protest. Our aim is to tell the story you don't get from the corporate media as well as to show the importance and rewards of dissent.We hope to collect unedited audio or video footage from the Portland protest, and any protest that followed the Bush tour, such as the ones in California or in Houston(at Bush's ranch). We're also looking for footage of the corporate media's coverage of the protests, and any recording of Goerge Dubya's speech in Portland.

If anyone has such footage they would like to contribute to this project, please contact the editorial e-mail list, which is
actually, don't send footage info there 03.Sep.2002 13:31

portland indymedia contributor

since i made this original post, we now have an e-mail account set up specifically for this video project. Please send any related info to  pdx-video@lists.riseup.net.

Portland IMC on UK TV 03.Sep.2002 16:42


I have Just watched BBC's serious Newsnight program on UK TV. They were doing a piece on the diversity of opinion within America and were filming in Portland. They used footage from the IMC and had on screen tagline showing "Portland Indymedia" for the full two or three minutes of footage that they used (Police forcing back and pepper spraying protesters even when they were moving back)

Re:Video 05.Sep.2002 13:00


Following the A22 protest I made several phone calls complaining of the behavior of the police in attacking the peaceful demonstration. When I spoke with Mayor Katz's representative, I also informed her of my belief that the police purposely sprayed News cameramen and reporters to stop the filming of any police misbehavior. She assured me that the Secret Service had no less than 12 cameras downtown that day and that every angle was covered. I told her I didn't know the Secret Service had become a media organization and hung up.

Now a good lawyer in the process of discovery could probably make the case to have that film released. It might be good video. Hippie Lawyer Alan can you do it?