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police / legal a22: bush protest

Audio File: Tort Claim Against City Over A22 Police Violence Against Protesters

Alan Graf, announcing intention to sue City and Chief Kroeker for the treatment of protester at the August 22nd, 2002 demonstration against pResident Bush
Alan Graf, speaking at a Press Conference held at City Hall on September 5, 2002, announced the intention to sue the City and Police Chief Kroeker. The suit concerns violent actions taken by the police against non violent protesters during the August 22, 2002 demonstration against the fund raising visit of pResident Bush.
He is suing in the name of at least 6 people who sustained injuries from unprovoked macing by Portland police, or other officers acting under PPD orders.
The link provided takes you to the audio file, which is 15 minutes in length.

homepage: homepage: http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org/realaudio/graftort.ram

clabber girl 06.Sep.2002 09:49

Where do I donate?

Where can I donate monetarily to this suit?

btw, great answer, Alan, to the question about bringing babies to the protest. Are we only allowed to attend public assemblies that are corporate-sponsored?

Much thanks to our hippie lawyer 06.Sep.2002 10:21


You've been on the heels of state oppression, and held up our rights as peaceful citizens for as long as I've listened to kboo. Thanks Alan for your vigilance.

Donations to Legal Fund 06.Sep.2002 15:37

Alan Graf a-22-law@aracnet.com

Donations to the A-22 legal fund can be sent to

Alan Graf
Attorney at Law
1020 SW Taylor, ste. 370
Portland, Oregon 97205

Checks should be made out to The National Lawyers Guild
and note on the check at the memo part "A-22 legal fund"