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collected pdx indy stories about A30 & S28 Critical Mass rides

pdx indy stories from A30 and S28 Critical Mass rides, for your reference pleasure
S27 Critical Mass

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Police Riot at A30 Critical Mass

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How the Italians do it.... 28.Sep.2002 14:53

Chris Pangle

Here is a link to CM photos in Italy. I think it said they had 200 participants but my Italian is, well, less than perfect.


Pictures of the delayed traffic and travelling the wrong way down one way streets are here but I especially enjoyed the design used to block out the faces in the last picture on the page. It looks like the "Raise the Fist" logo with bike tires on it...

Just thought I'd share...


... oh, and could someone tell me what the thing highlighted in the third pictures is? I doubt it is a baseball card in the spokes to make it sound like a skooter... but maybe.

3rd picture 30.Sep.2002 00:50

Jake Rosenblum

It's highlighting a motor on the bike.

3rd picture 02.Oct.2002 02:28


In 3rd picture, it looks like a credit card.

3rd picture 02.Oct.2002 17:56


Run through babelfish translator, that 3rd picture's caption reads, "one molletta + one postcard folded and put between the beams = a clean but noisy motor like those dirty ones." A molletta is a clothes-pin. Funny stuff!

molletta 07.Oct.2002 09:23


yea, you got it, molletta is just that, to be like a engine! (very common when you're 8 years old or you are a real criticalmasser!)
those pics are about Vicenza ride, that was the first in that city.
here:  http://italy.indymedia.org/news/2002/09/87182.php
you have picture of Milan CM, more than 500 people involved...
in the same day there were CM in Rome, Bologna, Turin, Andria.. etc etc...
after that now many other cities join the revolution: among them Novara, Pisa and Brescia.
last but not least: now there is a CM even in SICILY!!! in the city of Catania.

we are growing fast, and this is a real fun!

kisses and bikes
baci e bici