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a22: bush protest

A22 Documentary- CALL FOR VIDEO

There is currently a documentary in production about the A22 events in Portland.
The video team has been hard at work collecting and logging footage as well as conducting interviews for this project. We are, however, in need of additional footage.
If you have footage or have seen footage from A22 that you think we can use please send us a quick email.


particular needs 28.Oct.2002 23:52


there is a particular need for additional footage of

-- park rallies (general gathering at north park blocks and other smaller ones, like the pacific greens, that took place nearby the march up broadway)

-- music and chants

-- police violence, especially the spraying of a family with small children at 2nd and alder

if you have this kind of video or know someone who does, please contact the email in the post above

get your killer video in the documentary

how 'bout... 29.Oct.2002 12:21


how 'bout video of kick-ass inspirational protester violence against property and piggery? or is that not supposed to have happened?

that too 29.Oct.2002 13:55


Send that too. We can use any footage taken on august 22.

in addition to the police violence, we can use video of the so-called 'violence' against property, such as 'george bush is a terrorist' or 'f*ck the corporate media' in spray paint or chalk. ('truer words' baby.)

after viewing over 10 hours of video of the day, i have seen not a single example of protestor violence against police. this is a realm dominated entirely by the jack-booted thugs of the portland police state who were threatened by free speech and infants, and viciously attacked both.