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m20: day x

They scheduled it for finals week

It's not just a coincidence that they scheduled this war during the week that is final exams week for colleges/universities all over the US. Most kids aren't going to be as apt to walk out on class to protest if they're taking a final exam. Maybe this will help to dispell any lingering illusions that those in power are bumbling fools; they're not. They know exactly what they're doing, and they'll get exactly what they want without direct intervention.
If you want to stop something, you're eventually going to have to stand in the way.
They Forgot About the East Coast 17.Mar.2003 21:11

Brenni prepschoolhippie@msn.com

A good number of East Coast schools operate on the semester system, not the quarter system, so we're not having finals here. Also, we had Spring Break last week. Don't worry, it will not be business as usual. I live in South Carolina and there are a number of actions planned for this week in both of the Carolinas.

:-) 17.Mar.2003 22:17


*beaming grin*

exams? 17.Mar.2003 23:25


Final exams are still at least a month away at many schools across the country. I see no silly conspiracy here.