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Fighting despair

One man's fight with despair....
First off, I'd like to apologize if any find this post to be of little value. I'm new to this forum and I haven't really figured out the ropes yet.

I couldn't bring myself to watch Bush speak last night. In my own mind, I have created such a visceral loathing for the man, his vacuous expressions, his ugly smirk, his low-brow, down-home pedagogery, that the sight and sound of him comes nigh to making me physically ill.

It was a grim night. War is at hand. And it seems like all the voices, all the millions of people that have taken to the streets in protest, have passed unnoticed.

The world is fundamentally changing. This country has been seized by corporate interests. And we are now beginning to reap the bitter fruits of our ignorance and complacence.

One lesson, dearly learned, is that there is no satisfaction or vindication in being right....not when the price is this high.

We are not defeated...not yet. But it is a very dark hour, indeed.

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survival 18.Mar.2003 10:58


It is a dark hour. I found myself on the verge of tears, with adrenaline burning through me, all day yesterday and so far today. It is not just that we are being ignored, to me it is terrifyingly obvious that we are fodder for imperialism. We are used to feed the war machine, in one way or another. We are divided from other people all over the world, and both "us" and "them" are conquered. And things are esclating so fast. It seems like too much, and it IS too much for anyone. That is why I feel we have to fight against it, to reclaim our own humanity in the face of this brutality and to know the srength of our own actions and our own communities, in the face of heavier and heavier repression. Love, rage and live!

We're all in this together 18.Mar.2003 12:35

MVK protectusfrombushie@hotmail.com

It is a tough time, indeed. I think many of us share your feelings and go through these days with terrible anxiety and agitation- and it is precisely those feelings which should inspire us to act. I wonder how different our feelings are from those of Americans in 1776, driven to rebellion by frustration with a non-representative government, or of the citizens of Berlin in 1930, fearing that they would be persecuted for speaking out for worker's rights. Certainly, we are materially better off than them, but spiritually, our plights are similar. For the first time in my life, I fear the possibility that I may be arrested for what I say or what I believe. It seems absurd, yet it is real. We see branches of the imperial government thoughtlessly murdering people who speak out, we see people in our own neighborhoods watching us through their window blinds. Yet the fear campaign has been so effective that so many of our peers are paralyzed by it, physically exhausted and afraid for their own safety and the safety of their families. We must remain strong, together, and unite behind a message of peace and of regime change. We must set our visions high and act in such a way that those of us who believe are models for our weaker colleagues who are stunned by the "shock and awe" campaign against American citizens, perpetrated by our non-elected government.

I'm one of many out here offering the rest of our community my own shoulders to ride on. Let's make a difference. -MVK

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So what does this administration have to show 18.Mar.2003 13:20


for itself? The largest federal defecit ever, crumbling schools, an unspeakably lousy economy, over-turned environmental safeguards, continued homegrown violence, the rich gaining more power and $, the poor becoming ever poorer, leadership that is not at all representative of the desires of Americans, decreased world safety, decreased liberties, and leaders that are bought by big corporate interests, who serve them and who buy, coerce or otherwise steal to gain support. These individuals are nothing more than criminals.