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Infiltrators? Or just Assholes?

These two guys were chanting "No Peace, People's War!", and seemed really intent on aggravating the crowed to violence. The guy with the beard had a metal pole and was later seen getting into a fight and 'scuffling' with someone with it. There we several others with them, but I didn't get their pictures. I don't think I'm being paranoid....

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Infiltrators? Or just Assholes?
Infiltrators? Or just Assholes?
Infiltrators? Or just Assholes?
Infiltrators? Or just Assholes?
Infiltrators? Or just Assholes?
Infiltrators? Or just Assholes?
It's pretty common knowledge that the government, the police, the right wing, and whoever else often send spies, or infiltrators into protests to gather info, start fights, or generally just make us look bad. These two guys were part of a small group, the rest of whom I did not capture on film, but they were being colossal idiots... hitting the burning flag with poles, thereby causing burning flag-char to fly into the faces of all those nearby. Plus, there's something about chanting "No Peace" at an anti-war demonstration that's a little off. And getting into a fight with an metal rod at an anti-war demo is REALLY off.

So I don't mean to point fingers, these people could have just been well intended red necks looking for a good time. But they could also be people that we need to look out for. Assholes are assholes, whether or not they're working for the enemy.
I second 22.Mar.2003 17:48


I saw the same thing here in LA. Two guys were walking back and forth through the crowd, each with a bullhorn, doing just about the same thing.

I saw them 22.Mar.2003 17:52

mtvkillsbunnies dicknity@balls.com

They were right in front of me on Thurday chanting "Death to Isreal, Death to America"

I was thinking, "What the fuck? Aren't here to STOP death?"

Either you're right or these guys are idiots.

I remember him 22.Mar.2003 17:59


i saw the guy with the beard on the steele bridge onramp with us. When the police tried to push us back off the bridge most were shouting "this is what democracy looks like". Then he jumped up on the railing and started shouting violent things(i cant remember exactally what) over everyone else and i remember thinking, what the hell is with this guy?

They're not Cops, They're just Maoists... 22.Mar.2003 18:41

Statists just don't understand

Or if they are cops they know how to be Maoists really, really well. You can usally tell a maoist by the use of hammer and sickle imagery, as you can see on the bearded guy's shirt in the 3rd picture. Also tend to romantize the Stalinist nightmares of Russia, China, North Korea, etc.

No not an infiltrator & not always an asshole 22.Mar.2003 18:46


I know the first guy at the top, not the one in the suit. But the guy at the top is an anti-zionist. He has strong feelings. He expresses them pretty extremely sometimes...

And also, the night before this photo was taken this comrade was pretty radically hit with pepperspray and was filmed vomiting afterward on mainstream t.v.

I would imagine he was probably pretty angry after this had happened to him.

i think they are honestly just assholes 22.Mar.2003 19:01


talked to someone about these guys cause they did sorta creep me out, and it seems like they are just some stalinists.

so probably not cops, but probably dangerous anyway.

just dont let people make you do things you dont want to.. go into these things knowing what you're willing to do.

Pro-death demonstrator 22.Mar.2003 19:23


I observed this same guy chanting "Bye-Bye GI, in Iraq you'll surely fry" Such hate towards our troops is by far a minority opinion among demonstrators. Several times on both March 20 and 21 the crowd erupted into the cheer of "Support our troops, bring them home"
As peace activists who are exercising our right to free speech we must let such hostile individuals express their violent viewpoints, even though it may distort the overall message we're trying to convey.
I would like to ask individuals with such violent viewpoints to form seperate demonstrations, but we all know they use the large numbers of participants to give credence to their distorted views. I suggest people engage in civil discussion with them explaining the purpose of these rallies is peace. If you are brave enough to suffer a blow from the police, a shot from this confused and tormented soul couldn't be worse.

labels 23.Mar.2003 02:27

clamydia clamydia@mail.com

This guy is not an asshole. I've met and talked with him. I would never tell anyone to suspend doubt that somebody is/could be an infiltrator; the fact of the matter is that ANYBODY could be one, and you probably would never know it. What I WILL say is that it seems to me that this guy actually cares about what's going on and is simply pissed off at the cops. If you recently had a face full of pepper spray (and it doesn't just happen to people who are "askin for it"--I know because it happened to me for no reason at all), I'm sure you would be pissed as well. Chanting "Bye-Bye GI, in Iraq you'll surely fry" isn't necessarily "hatred towards 'our' troops", it's simply an admittedly cynical way of saying "hey troops; don't go and fight this bullshit war in Iraq because you're going to end up possibly dying for nothing". I understand that the verbage used by this guy can be harsh and sometimes offensive, but his heart is in the right place. Let's stop infighting.
Bottom line: If you had a problem with him, then you should have approached him about it at the time. Since you didn't, then you have no business bitching about it now.