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alternative media week of bombing

Where are the photos???!!!

I've been out in the streets for the last two nights and have seen tons of cameras documenting the events. But... where is their representation on this site? Is it just the protest tourists taking pictures, or are We the Media attempting to cover these powerful stories?
I'll take my own photos from now on, but really, I see you indymedia dudes out there with your press passes and fancy cameras and it'd be cool to see some of your pics. Why else would you expose the film other than to share it with us?
film 22.Mar.2003 20:07

Alex Zeisberg Guitarfreak2910@aol.com

Hi my name is Alex Zeisberg and for the next week+ i will be trying to get as much coverage as possible downtown. My battrie is a 90 min battrie so i have trouble with long drawn out scenes. But yeah.
SO in about a wekk i will have the firstcut done and would love it if someone would like some. I am camping out downtown and will take pictures and video taping and writeing things down. If someone will e-mail me i could get you some footage also i need another camera. I have a guitar and am willing to trade for a while. So like i will give you my guitar as i take your camera. I will use my own DV tapes and will give you a free copy of my edited version. My camera is just not long enough. The battrie runs out too quick. Also a digital camera would be nice.

Anyways i iwll be out on the streets and if you want to talk e-mail me and i will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thanks alot!
Alex Zeisberg

Also if you want to see me i will be on 4th and morrison.