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"NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL!" Monday Morning Action

"Shut It Down!" march will meet at 8am Monday in waterfront park and meander thru town with stops at the offices of our local Lying KKKorporate Media to let them know we will not go away.
"NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL!" Monday Morning Action
"NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL!" Monday Morning Action
When: 8am, Monday March 24th

Where: Meet at Waterfront Park Fountain - SE Salmon St.


How: Masses of people will continually march, spontaneously forming affinity groups to break off and target the Lying Corporate Media. Drums are welcome.

The Oregonian: 1320 SW Broadway
KATU-2: 2153 NE Sandy Blvd.
KGW-8: 1501 SW Jefferson
KOIN: 222 SW Columbia

Bring your friends. Keep the groups moving- don't get cornered by police. Change direction frequently. If split up, reconvene like water. Peace shall overcome.

"You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake."
Jeanette Rankin - 1st female member of congress
Great Idea 23.Mar.2003 00:25


Great Idea! I'll be there and bring a few friends!

I'll be there 23.Mar.2003 01:12

another citizen

count on me

????? 23.Mar.2003 04:47


I don't know if I will be at the 8am march due to pressing concerns that day. But if the idea is to make a statement against the commerce fueling the war, why just go to the media buildings? surely there are better places to make a presence.

YAY! 23.Mar.2003 10:19


You will surely stop me from getting to work tomorrow, as I must go right through downtown and take the Morrison bridge to get there. I'm down with u! i HATE my job. I hate the fact that I must do worthless labor for other people, selling my time to a corporation, in order to survive in this society. If you can bring this system to a halt and free me from the chains of my wage slavery, I SUPPORT YOU!!!

Corporate media should be primary target 23.Mar.2003 10:20


I disagree with Querier. I think that the primary target of our protest should be the corporate media. They create and project the images of glorious warfare with the intent of emotionally manipulating the people. They censor voices of dissent and are the mouthpiece of fascist (and I don't use the term loosely) power. For God's sake, their war coverage comes complete with a musical score, as if it's all just entertainment.

I think that CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the rest should be stormed and taken over, non-violently, of course.