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sf indy comment - you fucking racist pacifists make me sick

comment from SF indymedia in response to someone complaining about violence on the street.
that you have a moment to spare to complain about broken windows and tired cops while bombs you paid for are dropping on children is sickening.

that you cry "non-violence!" while marching in demonstrations organized by fucking murderous monsters from ANSWER/IAC/WWP (see: tiannamen sq., kim il sung, and, oh yeah, joseph stalin) is the height of hypocrisy.

that you invoke the name of gandhi just shows the depth of your fucking delusion. he didn't free india, you propaganda-fed zombies! the most violent event in human history, called world war two, "freed" india to pursue capitalism on their own. according to nobel-prize winning economist sen, the choice to maintain capitalism in india cost at least 100 million lives!

that you bemoan a pause in business as usual while your government tests its latest array of death machines on innocent people (as well as a tiny minority of guilty people) is disgusting.

that you would invoke the name of MLK shows that you cannot see with your own eyes what has happened to the black community in the 35 years since his death. implicit in king's demands was the idea that if the establishment didnt deal with him, they would have to deal with violence. king himself admitted this repeatedly! and i don't care who you fuck, but if you fuck someone besides your wife and you lie about it, you are a fucking liar. did malcom x need to tell those kind of lies? hell no, he exposed those kinds of lies, and yet today you invoke the name of the liar in the name of peace. by the time MLK finally realized his mistake -- that he had been used as a tool in the cold war -- and started to do the respectable and honorable thing -- namely, oppose american imperialism -- he was dead within months.

as the bombs fall on baghdad and all the other towns and cities in iraq, anyone who wants to complain about the inconvenience of people in a country that consumes 40% of the world's resources while they simultaneously rain down death ought to be told to shut the fuck up. you fucking racists don't give a DAMN about iraqis. you care more about your fucking latte's and you'd probably be fucking pissed to find the whole city TRULY shut down as a response to this fucking genocidal mass murder.

we should applaud ANYONE who comes out against the war, but there is this peacenik sector that is so utterly distrubed by the truths unveiled by block bloc actions.

i can only ask you: close you eyes for a moment. think of those pictures of 'shock and awe' -- can you for even one moment imagine what that is like? can you put yourselves in their shoes? what if you are in the gaza strip or basra or anywhere the american taxpayer/voter sends its death machines. can you imagine the screams of the people?

and should these people have a way to find out, what do you think they would rather hear? that people marched in peaceful circles? or that people stood up and resisted? what IS solidarity? what does it mean, REALLY?

again, if you came out against the war in any fashion i applaud and salute you! if you sat down peacefully in the street and got arrested i think you rock, seriously. if you created spectacle with puppets and theatre, i commend you. even if you marched in an obedient circle, i thank you.

but if you want to criticize the tactics that you find distasteful while mass murder is being committed on brown people once again, all i can say is fuck you. your racism and your delusions will continue to be exposed each and every day.

to 'repost' 23.Mar.2003 22:34

Mrs. Nellie Air-Vent

"or that people stood up and resisted? what IS solidarity?"
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suggestion 24.Mar.2003 22:57


transform that anger into something useful, tiger. It's not doing either of us any good.

Applaud 23.May.2007 07:54


I admire you for your bravery. Don't ever be afraid to say such things, people will critisise and say you're being useless, those people are even more useless, at least you have a working brain.