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M26 Die-In at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Image from the die-in
M26 Die-In at Pioneer Courthouse Square
M26 Die-In at Pioneer Courthouse Square
God Bless the Dead Iraqis... 26.Mar.2003 21:37


...lots of them!
God Bless the Dead Iraqis...
God Bless the Dead Iraqis...

oh man 26.Mar.2003 22:59


That second one is a beauty.

smaller pic 27.Mar.2003 11:54

smaller pic

smaller pic
smaller pic
smaller pic

Peace Institute's "DEAD-IN" ART=PEACE ACTION 27.Mar.2003 13:57

Bandalera orpeace@orpeace.org

Thanks for posting the photos, here is an article to accompany. Annalisa

Info Doc released by The Oregon Peace Institute
OPI Satellite Office

by Annalisa Bandalera, Outreach Coordinator

The Oregon Peace Institute staff and board members, local artists, and community members performed the first "Dead-In"
ART=PEACE ACTION on March 26, 2003 NOON at Pioneer Courthouse Square. The Peace Institute wants to provide an
environment where people of different politics, faiths, and cultures can come together and express their individualistic and collective
pain that war as a human rights violation, exponentially causes. The next "DEAD-IN" is scheduled for April 2, 2003 NOON at
Pioneer Courthouse Square. Please bring your expressions of creativity to the square at this time.

Full Text:
Peace Institute Staff, Board Members, Local Artist, and other Community Members participated in the first installment of the "Dead-In' at Pioneer Courthouse Square Wednesday March 26, 2003 at noon. Rachel C. O'Rourke, Executive Director and Annalisa Bandalera, Outreach Coordinator of the Oregon Peace Institute collaborated to create a mobile art installation that gives activist an opportunity to protest outside of the standard rally and march with or without pepper spray. The installation was a mesh of human bodies and life size silhouettes of death in the representation of the human form riddled with holes. O'Rourke created the design based on the Peace Institutes Paper People Project.

The installation also gave activist of different schools of thoughts, people with diverging politics, and multiple faiths a forum to meet and begin a dialogue with each other in a safe atmosphere. Rachel and I met with management at Pioneer square and they informed us it was okay to have the "Dead-In" as long as we didn't use chalk, an easy concession to make in the global view of the message. The police briefly stopped by to view the art but didn't stay long, the overall atmosphere was peaceful.

Rachel said, "creating the "dead-in" installation as a project promoting peace and community gives each individual the opportunity to create his/her own installation on a silhouette while still being part of a larger statement. The Peace Institute is promoting a place where people can express their creativity while having a dialogue with others."

The next "dead-in" will be on April 2, 2003 Pioneer Courthouse Square at Noon. In the spirit of the ever-evolving art installation the Peace institute is seeking musicians to accompany the "dead-in" and are soliciting one-act plays to be performed around the "dead." Other opportunities are also available. Please contact Annalisa Bandalera at 503-725-8192 or Rachel C O'Rourke at 503-222-3105 to learn more about participating in the next "DEAD-IN" ART=PEACE ACTION.

319 SW Washington St. Suite 301 PDX 97204