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Police Sadism

Repulsive photos of police laughing about a woman they're terrorizing, torturing with their pepperspray. (article 1)
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Police Sadism
Repulsive photos of police laughing about a woman they're terrorizing, torturing with their pepperspray. Officers Kruger and Hanousek probably thought their smug grins and open, perverted laughter would go unnoticed. Not so.

I've read a few posts regarding humanizing the police: how do you humanize these two? All I can think of is a lawsuit and maybe some unlikely jail time so they can reflect a little.

In response to the post by the police officer recently who talked about peacenik's "stupid splinter groups" causing trouble: what do you do about these two guys? Have you reported them for torturing the population they're cynically sworn to protect?


What a bunch of sick power-tripping, wife- and child-beating bastards. Sure, its an institutional and not individual problem, and sure, dehumanizig institutions transform individuals, but no one _ordered_ tubby officer Hanousek to get off on his work.

And the Portland Business Alliance continues its cadence of "get tough" on free speech as I write this...

agreed 27.Mar.2003 05:36


the picture isn't showing up, but i remember both of them. a-holes!!

At least they're consistent... 27.Mar.2003 06:59

just noticed this

It probably won't surprise anyone to hear that Officer "Smirkey" Mark "W." Kruger is also a defendant in the case of those children being pepper sprayed during the George "W." Bush Protest on August 22nd.

He loves his job. Maybe he can start looking for another?

disgust 27.Mar.2003 07:13


I don't hate the corporate media - so I sent this to channel 12 - they seem to be doing the best job out of the rest of the networks here in portland - I've also sent this too the mayor and the police chief - maybe I don't get it - but how can these images be disputed?

horror 27.Mar.2003 07:44


Damn. I hope those guys go down hard for that and I hope that woman sues their asses. She's on the sidewalk! Peppersprayed by two thugs at point blank range for WHAT?!?! This is not crowd dispersal! I hope those photos get spread all over corporate media for all of Portland to see. Sometimes we can't just let these things die on the newswire.

How can they be disputed? 27.Mar.2003 07:47


How can these images be disputed? By merely recognizing that they're obviously phony, digitally manipulated and taken out of context. In short, they're fake!

nice try at disinformation, digiboy 27.Mar.2003 08:42


The video will be available soon, so as to disprove digiboy's infantile claims.

sick, sick, sick 27.Mar.2003 09:54

Dr Dan

I don't need enemies if these guys are supposed to be my friends.

Please post video 27.Mar.2003 11:41


Please post video ASAP.

not fake 27.Mar.2003 12:11


It's obvious these images aren't faked. The only thing that could be faked is the smiles, but that would be really hard to do, esp. on so many photos. It would be virtually impossible to fake the fact that the cops are spraying someone who is quite apparently not a crowd, and not a threat.

thanks for posting 'em.

National media 27.Mar.2003 13:55


This should be sent to the national media.

Laughing? 27.Mar.2003 16:37


The only thing that can be said with certainty is that those two have their mouths open. For all we know they were yawning, yelling, or about to sneeze, not laughing. Regardless, anyone must concede that it is at least a POSSIBILITY that the two men were not laughing.

Michael 27.Mar.2003 18:33

Dr Dan

"The only thing that can be said with certainty is that those two have their mouths open."

Um, wrong! It could also be said with certainty that this woman is not attacking the officers. And that she is being sprayed while she is running away.

The police are not supposed to use excessive force. The punishment is supposed to match the crime. Remember? Well, you may not remember now, but you will if you get your ass kicked instead of a parking ticket.

look at this 27.Mar.2003 22:01


here are some excerpts from the PPB policy manual:

POLICY (1010.20)
Per ORS, the Bureau authorizes its members to use physical force in a police action when and to the extent it is reasonably necessary to accomplish some official purpose. The amount of physical force authorized may vary in degree and shall only be the amount of force that is reasonably necessary, depending on the circumstances of each situation taken as a whole, to accomplish the official purpose. Use of excessive physical force in any situation is prohibited.

PROCEDURES (1010.20)
Directive Specific Definitions
Excessive physical force is any physical force used during a police action which is greater than that which is reasonable under the circumstances presented by each situation. Official purpose is any purpose, undertaken in a police action, which is authorized by official orders, the Manual of Policy and Procedure, by law or by judicial decree.

Police action is any circumstance, on or off duty, during which a member exercises or attempts to exercise official authority. Physical injury is as defined in ORS 161.005 (6), the impairment of physical condition or substantial pain. Physical force is that force which is directed against a person and is readily capable of causing injury. Such force may be applied through the use of a person's body, weapons, equipment, and/or instruments. Members may use physical force only when they reasonably believe it is necessary to:
a. Prevent or terminate the commission or attempted commission of an offense.
b. Lawfully take a person into custody, make an arrest or prevent an escape.
c. Prevent the commission of suicide or self-inflicted serious physical injury.
d. Defend self or a third party from what is reasonably believed to be the use or imminent use of physical force.
e. Accomplish some official purpose that is authorized by law, by judicial decree or is performed in the reasonable exercise of the member's official power, duty or function.
Passive resistance is non-threatening behavior of a suspect when under control. Some examples include, but are not limited to, yelling, cursing, refusal to stand up, walk or sit down.

Use of Pepper Spray
a. Pepper spray may be used, at the member's discretion, when persons display the intent to use or engage in violent, aggressive actions or offer physical resistance, (not to include passive resistance), pursuant to the procedures in DIR 1010.20 Use of Physical Force.
b. Pepper spray may be utilized on vicious or aggressive animals when the presence of those animals interferes with the safety of the officers or the successful completion of a police function.
c. Pepper spray is the standard item of equipment for sworn members.
d. Only Bureau-issued pepper spray may be carried or used.
e. To reduce the potential for splash back, pepper spray will only be used from distances greater than four (4) feet unless it appears to be reasonably necessary to protect the member or another person from imminent physical
f. The use of organic or chemical agents is discussed in DIR 1090.00 Special Weapons.
g. Pepper spray may be used in passive resistance situations only when authorized by an incident commander as part of a crowd control strategy.

Actions Following The Use of Pepper Spray (1040.00)
a. Persons exposed to pepper spray should be exposed to fresh air as soon as possible.
b. Members will make a reasonable effort to ensure that persons exposed to pepper spray are permitted to water flush or receive a water flushing of exposed areas, if necessary and tactically feasible.
c. For individuals taken into custody who have been exposed to pepper spray, members will ensure that they are examined periodically while in the member's presence or custody for evidence that the effect of the exposure appears to have been neutralized. When a subject is booked into MCDC, the member will advise the on-duty personnel that pepper spray has been used.
d. Afflicted persons who, in the member's opinion, are suffering from the effects that appear to be abnormal for the circumstances should be examined by medical personnel.

POLICY (1111.00)
Members will carry a valid Police Identification (Bureau ID) card when on duty. Sworn members will also carry their badge, except that with permission of their commanding officer, members working special assignments may be excused from carrying and/or wearing their Bureau ID card and badge, if it could jeopardize their covert status.

hmmm 05.Nov.2005 10:12


interesting how the area around his mouth was changed to look like a smile as well as the other guy too bad average people think its real.


WHITELOCK rebyell41@yahoo.com

i cant beleive these pigz are not only laughing but also what a couple of wimps! they had to pepper her because she really looks like she was dangerous and a big threat! they prob got picked on in school!