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Concerned about Police violence @ protests?

The Mayor's office is recieving an influx of calls requesting more arrests and heavier response to protesters. The Mayor's office needs to hear from YOU! I was shocked to learn that I was in the small minority of caller's with the opinion that police response was too strong. Call the mayor NOW - 503.823.4120
Concerned about Police violence @ protests?
Concerned about Police violence @ protests?
Last I checked we still follow the U.S. Constitution: First Amendment which states...Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

As long as protesters remain peaceful the police should too.

"Peaceful" is the operative word and nowadays stepping off the curb, even if only for a step, is considered an act of aggression by the Portland police. Every person reading this post is strongly encouraged to call as soon as possible to express dismay at the extreme responses being initiated by Police. The majority of pepper spray / arrests occurring involve the most minor infractions of law immaginable yet force is being used. mayor's office(during bus. hours) Remember you pay for the police too! (one way of another) If those who prefer police violence as a deterrent to democratic expression are part of an "overwhelming majority" of people calling - I think its time for the mayor's office to reiceve a more accurate assement of public opinion.
I might call 27.Mar.2003 09:40


Actually, I have given up on calling the mayor. I am a social worker who has seen abuses from the police against homeless youth in this city for some time. I have tried on numerous occasions to make the mayor understand what's happening on the streets, but she has consistently refused to see it. She seems to believe that the comfortable surroundings she enjoys in trandy NW Portland are representative of the way everyone in the city lives.

I was just sick about the latest episodes of police brutality in this city. But I couldn't bring myself to play the game of calling anyone, because no one in power seems to care.

I think you may be right, though. While I will not delude myself into thinking it will be enough, perhaps I will call Mayor Katz. But then, I will continue to find other ways to make progressive changes as well.

incredible 27.Mar.2003 10:51

yr Aussie pal

the number of photos I've seen on IMC showing police spraying U.S. demonstrators is quite shocking.

250,000 protesters in Melbourne Feb16, with no arrests and no harrassment.

- and our police don't dress like stormtroopers.

edited out html tags 27.Mar.2003 11:41


I edited out these html tags that were showing, for better clarity.Didn't change the content at all.

Katz doesn't believe the police are abusive? 27.Mar.2003 12:52


Perhaps she needs a better view of the abuses.
Does anyone have her address handy? There could be a peaceful protest on the sidewalk outside her house.

Logical disconnect 27.Mar.2003 15:16

Chaos N. Mayhem

Using <a href=" link to www.intrepidsoftware.com to support your argument (<i>"As long as protesters remain peaceful the police should too."</i>) doesn't exactly help your cause.

Speaking of the police, sure, you help pay for them, but you also use them more often. LOL.

Here's an idea. Organize, protest peacefully, and don't block traffic.

moron 27.Mar.2003 15:54


hey quick update you moron..being on the sidewalk is not blocking traffic. ..here's a novel idea...actually look at the pictures being provided from tuesday.

i called 27.Mar.2003 18:35


i called yesterday to express my disgust of police brutality occurring in the city

today i called in response to the fact that the city has spent 5.4 million dollars "defending the city" from us and that 4 million of that is Police overtime pay!

mayor katz phone # is 503-823-4120, call yourself, and tell your friends

Who's blocking the streets?
The POLICE are blocking the streets!

Email them too 27.Mar.2003 22:28


try filling up their e mail boxes. mayor katz: and don't forget to pester her staff. Emails available here: try the police too Rosie Sizer, commander in charge of protest response: or to file a complaint go here:

See the Mayor in Person 30.Mar.2003 21:38


Instead of all these phone calls it in time to show some Civil Obedience by showing up in the Mayor's Office to file complaints. 50-100 people could go a long way to occupy the Mayor's Office if they lined up peaceably as individuals to fill out complaint forms. The same could be done at the Police Bureau. May be better use of time than street marching and requires fewer people and no permits. Let's organize and take our message to those that need to hear it.

Go tell aunt Vera 31.Mar.2003 18:08


It is definitely time that there was a large non-violent response directed at the Mayor's office. They are clearly out-of-line. I wonder if any of the umbrella groups are willing to organize this.