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People, How Are We Going to Respond When ....

People, how are we going to respond when catastrophic loss of life occurs in Baghdad?
All the corporate media pundits and senile retired military generals are starting to predict real potential for "catastrophic loss of life in Baghdad."

So how are we going to resopond in Portland when that occurs?

I say we need to stick together, escalate and make our outrage know to this city, state, country and world. The whining corporate media, citizen defenders of the illegitimate killer Bush junta, and the fascist police will be a challenge. The are all saying that they will thow us in jail. DON'T LET THAT BE A DETERRENT!

We are having an effect. We are costing this city their precious money. We are causing monetary disruption. That is where it hurts these complicit capitalist pigs the most. KEEP IT UP! Don't let them live their normal cozy over-consuptive lives.

Besides, they say anyone who goes to jail will be released after 24 hours because, get this, they don't have money for public defenders. KEEP THE LOCAL FASCIST POLICE ON OVERTIME. It is costing them $200,000 a day!

So when catastrophic loss of life in Baghdad, I say we put Portland on the map ... BIG TIME!
200,000 a day? Is that all? 27.Mar.2003 20:05

La Vierge Rouge

How many days till we cost them 75 Billion, (The Estimated cost of this wars current phase) ? How much are we costing them nation wide? Are we costing them more than the Oil will make when Halliburton gets control? Who is losing money because of protesting? who is losing money because of the war? Actually, where is this 75 billion dollars coming from, anyway? we know the U>S> doesn't have it, so who are we borrowing it from?

vera 27.Mar.2003 21:11


we must get rid of that disgusting bulbous sow who calls herself mayor. We'd be better off with a bowl of jello controling things. Be easier to look at at least, similar effect of movement too actually. Register and vote, she's responsible. Hold her accountable.

surrender to the hive mind? I think not 27.Mar.2003 21:12


Support the instituions that protect our way of life and thank the police for doing a difficult job made even more difficult by immature children.Peace out!

Deficit spending 27.Mar.2003 21:48

Not spending

When the government goes into deficit spending, they generally issue bonds. Rich people, often Americans, buy these bonds as a really safe place to store their money (barring exponential inflation). So that's where the $75 billion will come from.

from the mouths of babes, horatio 27.Mar.2003 22:57


as a long time anti-war protestor of the peaceful and intelligent school, your stupid ramblings sicken me more than this war does. you understand nothing. your remarks are so devoid of reason they defy a rational rebuttal. but remember this: that money that you and your slimy ilk are costing the city is not only the money of people who have worked hard and earned it, the ones you call pigs,
but also that of the guy that serves you your burgers, the guy at the gas station where you fill your bike tires, and the orderlies at the sanitorium where you will hopefully one day be lobotomised. we don't want you on the streets.
you *belong* in jail. you are a thief of the common man.
and you do our cause shame.

go away, child. you are not mentally equipped for this work.

liberal trolls? 28.Mar.2003 01:00

dj tubesteak

Has anyone else noticed a recent upsurge in anti-DA, anti-CD, 'just obey the law' posts that are written on about the same intellectual (so to speak) level as the earlier 'Bush is a great man ushering in a new era of world peace' troll posts? Have they switched strategies? Or are there actually ignorant assholes in the obedient-dissenter ranks who have only now come out of the woodwork to share their uh, insight with the rest of us?

as of right now 28.Mar.2003 06:38


right now all the money is coming out of the police dept. budget.

then cuts to other city programs will ensue i could see

public works taking a hit

probably more education hits

then cuts to executives salaries........just joking

btw halliburton isnt paying for the war we are!!!!!!

thats the best thing about being a huge american corporation you can get tax payers to get you free shit.