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I want to sponsor a peace and justice activist

This is a great opportunity for a serious Peace and Justice activist.
I'm a middle-class person with a good career and financial obligations. As a result of the aggressive invasion of Iraq, I'm tempted to drop everything and return to my roots as a full-time activist. But I believe that offering room and board to a full time peace and justice activist is the next best thing.

You will get free room and board in exchange for light housework and a serious commitment to the movement.

This is a great opportunity for the right person. Serious is good, silly is better. My politics tends toward the non-violent radical, pro deep democracy.

My home is near the Laurelhurst Theater.

A very well-behaved dog is ok; sorry, no more cats.

If interested, call Glenn at (503) 235-8018.

phone: phone: (503) 235-8018

Excellent offer! 29.Mar.2003 09:58


Thank you for making this offer. There are all sorts of ways that people can help out. This is one of them. Offering a living space to activists, providing work space and resources to groups and individuals who are doing good work etc.

I hope to see more people making these sorts of offers. This is what we need to do to bring about the changes that need to happen in the world.

Finding ways to free more individuals from financial pressure in order to do this work is important. Every person who can work full time+ on organizing and action is a big help. Every person who can spend less, live more simply can then put those resources towards their own work, or assisting others who are doing good work.

Thanks again for making this offer and pointing the way to new possibilities.

apologies 29.Mar.2003 09:59


After reading what I wrote, there's something kind of disgusting about it. Kind of sounds like I want to pay someone for their "serious commitment" when I'm not willing to demonstrate serious commitment myself.

My apologies, but I still want to support the movement by offering what I can, and at this point, what I have is some spare space.

Very good idea, thank you 29.Mar.2003 10:27


I didn't read it that way at all. I believe support is very much needed, as much as the people doing the active work. Where would folks be without blankets in the peace camp or food while at an hours-long sit-in? Perhaps there could be more sit-ins if a more comprehensive support network were built. There are enough folks out there that you could have a few support people for each person who was willing to get arrested during non-violent protest.

Back to your topic... I think it is a very strong supportive thing you are doing, and does not reflect poorly on you at all. Taking a stranger into your home is a very giving thing, and imho, takes more guts than going to a few peace rallies (I'm not discounting that of course, I just feel it takes more guts that what I'm currently doing).

good 29.Mar.2003 20:40


I think it's great. As a professional, I also struggle with finding the time. I feel like I have work, peace movement, and nothing else. I think it's great that you realize what you CAN give; that's really important. I hope a really dedicated activist takes you up on your offer.

Thanks for the concern 30.Mar.2003 17:45


My "silverware" comes from Value Village, but thanks for the concern.