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Come to Critical Mass Arraignments Monday, 2:00pm Justice Center Courtroom 4!!

Arraignments for the arrests from the actions yesterday, friday, 3/29 will be held on Monday, march 31st at 2:00pm at the justice center, 1120 SW 3rd avenue in courtroom four.
Arraignments for the arrests from the actions yesterday, friday, 3/29 will be held on Monday, march 31st at 2:00pm at the justice center, 1120 SW 3rd avenue in courtroom four. Help us fill the courtroom with support for the approximately seventeen people who were arrested unjustly. We need to let the arrestees, many of whom will be in all weekend, know that they are not in this alone and that we are in solidarity. They are in there for us, and for the victims of this war, let's all be sure to be there for them.

Monday 2:00pm
Justice center, 1120 SW 3rd
Courtroom 4

also, for those arrested as a part of this weeks actions, there will be another meeting with the legal defense team thursday at the lucky labrador on hawthorne at 8:00pm.
which side of the building... 29.Mar.2003 23:35


Which side of the Justice Center is this on? As I learned earlier this week (prior to being barred from a press conference), there are two entrances into the building, the City-side being on the river side of the building. And they don't let you (according to the guard on the other side) travel between the two. So if one was to show up at Justice to go to Courtroom 4, which side of the building should one be entering?


courtrooms 30.Mar.2003 14:41

jail support

as far as I know, if you enter from third avenue, pass through the metal detectors, go up the stairs to the right you'll find the courtrooms. courtroom #2 is there for sure, i don't think #4 would be too far.

please help spread the word and get people out for this.

word on the streets is that there will be a convergence for court solidarity and a march from there to the 5:00 pioneer square rally. keep the pressure on!! god i love this town.

Justice Center Kill Box 30.Mar.2003 20:06

Ask Mikey

If your planning to go to the injustice center for jail Support, know that it's a kill box in there. The cops will have squads hiding behind doors to rush into the lobby and bust any demonstration. You have to submit to search when you go in and they can require ID. They don't let you take pictures in there. There are only 15-20 seats in the courtroom and those may be full of cops, and there's no SRO. The freeper media will be everywhere, they can film, the cops will be filming. If they release anyone at arraignment, they won't actually get out of jail for 2-5 hours. They will bust anyone masking up in the building, and if the judges hear hallway noise, they will throw all of us out of there. I say make it noisey on the front porch instead.


Please come to my Arriagnment 30.Mar.2003 21:39


I was arrested with on the critical Mass Ride. I had one Officer tell me to go to the right and another tell me to go left and i went right. Needless to say the officer who told me to go left arrested me for Disorderly and Interfernce.

Please come, Tomorrow 2pm Room #4

UNJUST? 03.Apr.2003 10:27


How could any of you idiots think you were unjustly arrested? Blocking traffic, causing property damage and injuring police officers are criminal activities! Exercising your rights should not come at the expense of other peoples rights.
All in all I am happy you freaks did all those things because you made a lot of people who were undecided about the war back it and back the President. True nobody likes the idea of war but nobody likes the idea of being affiliated with YOU!

Idiots 19.Apr.2003 15:49


I agree what did you solve by acting in this manor? NOTHING! You should feel privileged to live in a city like Portland in LA they would have shot you. And if I was a Portland cop I would let you guys know whats up and shot a few of you guys too.

f.o.c.y. 27.Aug.2003 23:27


fuck off conservative yuppies