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saturday arrests

three arrests so far on saturday
three people have been arrested so far.
two males were arrested at the sw corner of pioneer square around 1:20
another person was arrested at 10th and salmon. we have a report from the street that he was informed by the police that he was no longer allowed to be at the protest. the arresting officers were:
taylor (badge number: 37607)
elo (badge number: 35914)

if anyone knows who these people were, please call jail support:
Right to assemble 29.Mar.2003 14:36


How can police determine that one is no longer allowed to be at a protest? I know that some think that the first amendment no longers applies, but I'd like a better explanation.

another arrest 29.Mar.2003 15:38

jail support

just got word that at least two more arrests were made about 10 minutes ago. not sure what the first arrest was for, but the second arrest was a woman who was videotaping the initial arrest.
that arrest was committed by: hunveker (badge number: 39600)

video footage needed for arrestee 3/29/03 30.Mar.2003 03:12

Linda J. Rudnick rudfree@aol.com

Friend was one of the males arrested 3/29/03 on Broadway in Portland carrying sign opposing fascism. Charged with Interfering with a police officer. Looking for witnesses who saw and heard events leading up to this man's arrest. Especially interested in those who video/audio taped this arrest. Contact Linda at 503-626-6167. His arraignment is Monday 3/31/03. Time is of the essence. Thanks for any help.


3/29 Portland Arrestee's account 30.Mar.2003 03:26

Linda J. Rudnick rudfree@aol.com

One of the male arrestees on Saturday, March 29 at Pioneer Square was charged with interfering with a police officer despite the fact that he was doing everything he was asked to do, except he refused to identify himself. He was not violating any law, nor was there any probable cause to believe that he was committing a crime or about to commit a crime. To help defend him in his up coming prosecution, we would appreciate any witness to these events to come forward. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


tuesday (3/25) arrest 31.Mar.2003 10:04

Phil Colby mychauffeurpdx@hotmail.com

tuesday arrest (3/25)
Officer Taylor-female (#37607?) was the one which pushed a retrieting protester in the crosswalk twice, once to the ground. During the commotion, the female protester was arrested. This occured on the SE corner of Pioneer courthouse square duing the police blockade of 6th street.