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Assault across fr City Hall, March 25th- Witnesses needed

I was struck by a man wearing a yellow jacket. Police refused to arrest him. He was accompanied by two other men, one of which spit on me and my companions. Please contact me if you saw this. (article 1)
Assault across fr City Hall, March 25th- Witnesses needed
Assault across fr City Hall, March 25th- Witnesses needed
Assault across fr City Hall, March 25th- Witnesses needed
Assault across fr City Hall, March 25th- Witnesses needed
Assault across fr City Hall, March 25th- Witnesses needed
Assault across fr City Hall, March 25th- Witnesses needed

Must Be Undercover 29.Mar.2003 16:58


He looks like an undercover cop... moustache, dark sunglasses, etc.

Anyway, you know how gangs of thugs stick together, and thus typically don't arrest their buddies for breaking the law.

We have this guy on video 29.Mar.2003 17:20


There is a video of this man speaking at length with a uniformed Portland police officer in a marked patrol car.

The uniformed officer asks for the man's ID. It is a California driver's license. The two men chat amiably for a few minutes and no action is taken against the assaulting individual.

I know a friend who talked to the police officer after the man in yellow left. He had to turn the camera off before the cop would talk. I will try to learn from him what they talked about.

that guy has been seen before 29.Mar.2003 18:01


don't have time myself right now,

but if you search Portland Indymedia archives for the past week, you'll find him in other photographs from demonstrations.

someone reading this may have other copies of photos of this guy, too . . .

Yeah, he's undercover! 29.Mar.2003 19:18


Look through the archives. He looks just like one of the undercover cops that were photographed recently! He's even wearing the same jacket that the female undercover cop was wearing in the pictures!

From that day... 29.Mar.2003 20:49


The victim wasn't there when the officer was notified. The people who did talk to the officer admitted they did not see the assault.

The man admitted to slapping the other person. He also claimed that his action was in response to the other person spitting in his face.

No victim, no crime. If the victim had been there, the officer would have had to weigh both stories and consider harrassment charges on the spitter as much as the slapper. None of the people who flagged down the officer and pointed out the "suspect" would admit to witnessing the event, so it would be a "word against word" situation.

Regardless of what actually happened, since there were no available witnesses, I'd advise that if you're going to spit in someone's face you should expect to get smacked.

please contact jail support 30.Mar.2003 00:48

jail support

286-2477, anyone with eyewittness accounts, video footage, or still shots, PLEASE CONTACT US!!! We want to get whatever documentation that we can to legal support for arrestees. It sounds like you all saw a lot of what was going on, and somebody has a video of the actions. Please call us and give your account of any arrests that you wittnessed.

I was standing right there 31.Mar.2003 16:51


I was standing right there. The man who told the younger guy w/ black hair to "suck his dick" and hit the girl w/ the camera was an undercover police officer... thats why the bike cops told everyone to "just walk away", and would not take a report. The redneck that freaked out on everyone (who was also with a very fowl mouthed 14 year old son) was not a police officer, but somehow knew that the yellow parkaed man was a cop because he told him that certain people hit him (why would someone report a crime to someone they thought was a common ctizen?) which was completely untrue and actually the other way around. What posessess people to commit violent crimes on peaceful (for the most part) protesters totally frightens me more than the violence itself.

prjctmyhm, contact me 02.Apr.2003 08:01

jes jes@highsteram.net

i really need to talk to you about what you saw. please contact me.