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Saturday Eugene 150 March for More War, 20 Anti-War Volunteers Take Command

A pro-war rally in Eugene Saturday was greated by counter-demonstrators. The confrontation lasted from 1PM to 4PM Saturday. A handfull of Eugene Anti-War demonstrators had the good corners staked out when the right-wing march arrived. But Eugene Peace Coalition went AWOL, or perhaps sunbathing. KLCC radio would not air appeal for Anti-War presense. Makes KBOO look political.
Saturday Eugene 150 March for More War, 20 Anti-War Volunteers Take Command
Saturday Eugene 150 March for More War, 20 Anti-War Volunteers Take Command
A jingle of some 125 Pro-War forces staged a march and Clear Channel type demonstration at the Federal Building in Eugene Saturday from 1PM to 4PM. Veterans in full regalia, a Brownie scout troop, and 14 year old boys in Marines uniforms, made it a colorful if pathetic statement to, "burn Iraq to the ground."

But, despite the mysterious absence of the peaceloving anti-war masses of Eugene, a small troop of hearty anti-war protestors was able to equalize the the pro-war energy in many areas: when they yelled U.S.A.! U.S.A., twenty counter-demonstrators yelled "Oil! Oil!" exactly in the pause between the U.S.A.'s.

When they yelled "Support our Troops!", the response was "Bring them home alive."

Much to the chagrin of the imported KKK type speakers and organizers, and the canon-fodder "middle-America" trucked in from Oakridge, Veneta, and Springfield, a 30 foot banner Peace Banner had gotten to the plaza early and throughout the war rally blocked the main avenue's view of things. The black banner read, "Rachel Corrie: Courage For Peace."

Who is Rachel Corrie, the right-wingers asked?
Talk to me 30.Mar.2003 10:00

Phil eddy3047@lbc.edu

Get off your high horse...rather than make fun of the pro-war folks, why not spend your time trying to debunk their arguments...I haven't talked to a single anti-war demonstrator yet who has been able to provide an alternative to the war, maybe you can be the first - I'm open to hearing what you've got to say.

Argue NO WAR? 30.Mar.2003 11:31

Zak Attack

Is it really possible that some people look for reasons WHY NOT TO GO TO WAR? Does it really need to be explained? Do some people really need to be argued NOT TO KILL? WOW!

Alternatives 30.Mar.2003 12:04


So after so many years of evolution and learning about the capacity of the human brain, you (meaning the author of the first comment) can't come up with anything besides leveling a country with bombs, destroying part of the ecosystem that both you and I live in, and killing thousands of people (civilians and soldiers from all sides)? I would argue that if you buy into the notion that this war is about ousting a regime (sound of me coughing up a hairball), the war is by far the most inefficient way of ousting one man and few of his henchmen. Finding one man in a country as big as Iraq is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The result of this war will most likely be the following:
- Saddam will be giving a press release after we've supposedly secured the country. I wouldn't be surprised if he says "Catch me if you can" at the end.
- Rumsfield and Bush will both be famous for not doing the job right.
- Iraqi civilians will spend a whole lot of money rebuilding their country. The receivers of this cash will be the long time friends of Bush, Rumsfield, and the other bastards ordering this war.
- Democracy will be a thing of the past in the US (patriot act my ass) and no where near the result in Iraq. I can assert this because the US has never been successful at instituting democracy after it has leveled a country.
- A new generation of young kids who saw their neighborhoods get blown up with bombs labeled "New Jersey" will decide to establish a career in terrorism.

Now you did ask for a solution. How about the CIA? If they're so smart, why couldn't they have just gone into Iraq undercover and shot Saddam and his sons? The CIA successfully targets such people all the time.

Now I'll ask that you join the army and head out to the Iraqi desert. Be part of the solution you like so much. After spending days coughing up sand and blood from your lungs, my guess is that your brain could come up with more than one solution to take out Saddam's regime.

In depth knowledge is vital 30.Mar.2003 15:55

Dirtgardener mel@igc.org

eddy3047 has a point
If an activist (from any viewpoint) at a demonstration or discussion has only
briefly addressed and researched the issues, their intentions are sincere but there arugment carries very little
But the knowledge can shift with the use of workshops (comprehensive ones), the prevalence
of alternative media (public access TV, magazines, independent and microradio, public speaking events,
not to forget neighbor-neighbor dialogue.)
I would say time along with quality is an important factor -- is it five minutes a week or a lot more (e.g.
ten hours or more a week).
Corporations know this very well and have their followers (employees, indentured servants,
readers of their ads) committing a portion of their lives to their cause, particularly workers
at 40 hours a week "full-time"