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Hit and run at Peace Camp

A report came in earlier today that a pick-up truck waving an American flag hit a peace camper. He was hit while riding his bike, and the incident was witnessed by several people. Thankfully, the peace camper did not sustain serious injuries.
We've just recieved another report from the peace camp that the offending hit-and-run driver has been found by police - and let go! The police reportedly took his name, but said that they couldn't do anything about it because they did not personally witness the incident.

Now, this does not seem like proper police procedure. Don't they usually do something about these kinds of things, even if they didn't witness the incident themselves? Whether or not a report was filed is unknown. We do know, though, that he was simply let go, and is now free to terrorize other peacful anti-war protesters.

The peace campers have made it extremely clear to everyone that they are completely non-violent, and have taken great care to be peaceful to everyone - even the people who drive by and shout obscenties at them.

That this incident happened, and was not properly followed up on by police, is not surprising, given the attitude and reports that have been put forth by corporate media (Read: Nick Budnick) in the last few weeks. They have been painting the anti-war protesters as violent, and bent on clashing with the police at every turn. In reality, however, it is the police who have been moving aggressively against anti-war protesters. Numerous people have been arrested over the past week for jaywalking, while a hit-and-run driver goes free. This is a slap in the face to anti-war protesters, and due in no small part to the corporate media's portrayal of these peaceful folks.