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Req. for Info: Alleged Violent Arrest at SW 4th & Jefferson, Evening of March 28

Trying to substantiate details.
Earlier this afternoon at Terry Schrunk Plaza, a story was told about the previous night's Critical Mass ride. It's conceivable it's appeared here somewhere already, but I haven't yet found it if it has. What was related was an alleged incident outside City Hall -- it sounded like it would have been in Jefferson between 4th and 5th, and sometime between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM (probably closer to the former). What was alleged -- and several others in the crowd stated that they had witnessed it as well -- was an arrest of a woman which involved the breaking of teeth and being dragged by the hair.

What I'm seeking is anyone with information relating to this alleged incident.

Please note, I use the word "alleged" not because I'm arguing that it did not occur, but because I want to hear directly from people who may have witnessed whatever event is being referenced, or to the woman in question herself.

Anyone with information, please get in touch.


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