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Indymedia reporter arrested

an indymedia reporter was arrested this afternoon in downtown portland. here is a report from a phone call i had with them.
the reporter was charged with a class a misdemeanor: interfering with a police officer (ORS 162.247) and obtaining content of communication (ORS 165.540). they spent two hours in a holding cell described as "very unsanitary" with blood and snot on the walls. the officer who put them in the cell was friendlier than the arresting officer and actually brought a beverage.

the reporter was released this evening, but without their video camera and cell phone. their camera is being held for "evidence" but the cell phone was listed as "missing" on the property sheet. this sucks. their arraignment is coming up april 29, @ 1:00 p.m., in westside community court (justice center courtroom #1).

commentary from the transcriber: this is not the first time the police have targetted indymedia reporters, here in portland or elsewhere. it is some measure of indymedia's success that this negative attention is being given. people doing media work in the streets should use the "buddy system" and not be alone, and keep in mind that doing media does not exempt them from harrassment. memorize jail support numbers or write them on your arm. following directions from the police is certainly advisable, but does not guarantee not being arrested.

and remember -- there is a loving, supportful community here in portland that appreciates media work (as it does legal observing and medic service and jail support, etc.) and your efforts are appreciated!
cell phone 30.Mar.2003 11:06


Likely the reporter should cancel the cell immediately, they're probably holding it to doc incoming calls and of course plow the addressbook.

Hairrorist 30.Mar.2003 11:13


The media person arrested is rummored to be an associate of a local well know hairrorist. The police have had difficulty finding reasons to arrest him, since the hairrorist has legal knowledge and does not actually commit crimes. Yet the police can tell by looking at him that he must be up to something.
To safe guard yourself from being considered a hairrorist maintain a military style haircut. Some free thinking people may object to this, but please consider the police forces limited intelligence and prejudice.
We give consideration to other people with disability.
I feel we should have understanding for thier limited social comprehention. After all it is only human nature "power corupts, absolute power corupts absolutly".

Well, they do arrest the hairorrist too 30.Mar.2003 15:36

anon or made up

Rumor has it, the hairrorist was also arrested several times last week, all for unspecified "crimes" that were later dropped. A pattern? Political activists being harrassed and illegally detained in Portland? No, that only happens in places like Russia or China or places like that. Not here, though. No.