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Pictures and report of hit and run

I've just come back from the Peace Camp, where I talked to folks about the hit-and-run of a peace camper named Bill. As it turns out, the same truck that was involved in the hit and run has been taunting the peace camp all day today. 911 was even called about the earlier incidents, in which the driver repeatedly drove by at high speeds and swerved into the lane next to the peace camp. Here is what the peace campers report happened in the hit and run:
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Pictures and report of hit and run
Pictures and report of hit and run
Pictures and report of hit and run
Pictures and report of hit and run
Pictures and report of hit and run
Pictures and report of hit and run
Pictures and report of hit and run
Pictures and report of hit and run
Pictures and report of hit and run
Pictures and report of hit and run
At around 7:45 on Saturday evening, a large, black Ford pickup with the license plate ASV 305 again began playing games with the protesters. But this time, people were prepared with cell phones and cameras, and a peace camper named Bill stepped in to help. When Bill saw the truck approaching the camp, he blocked the lane closest to the camp so that the truck could not get near them. The truck drove past the camp in farther lane, came to a stop at the light at Madison, and proceeded to back up to the front of the camp. Bill, still on his bike, then put himself next to the truck, acting as a buffer between the truck and the campers. After a few seconds, the truck drove away, but Bill, near the front of the truck, was struck by its right front tire and knocked over. The truck then sped away.

The vigilant peace campers called 911 as soon as the black truck reappeared, and took pictures of the truck and driver. They were still on the phone with 911 when the hit occurred. The paramedics arrived before the police (who were probably busy arresting anti-war protesters) and treated Bill, who thankfully wasn't seriously injured. A while later, the cops caught the driver and took Bill into the police station to ID him. Even though the driver was positively identified by Bill, the police simply took his information and let him go. Bill was told that they could not do anything because they had not witnessed the hit and run; they also said that if he wanted to press charges or file a complaint he would have to wait until Monday to do so. Apparently, the police do not believe Bill's story, despite him being treated by the paramedics and the incident being witnessed by about 20 people.

(Note about pictures: the flashes of light on the pictures are from my camera - I had to take a picture of a picture, as a scanner wasn't available. The man in the baseball cap is the passenger.)

Maybe someone can look up that license plate 30.Mar.2003 03:46


The Oregon DMV sells a CD-ROM database of license plates and the registered owners. I do not have one, but perhaps someone reading this might, or (more likely) might know someone who would have one.

Once obtained, copies of that CD should be distributed widely. There are reports around the web of Pro-War people using their vehicles against anti-war demonstrators.

Terrorists 30.Mar.2003 05:43


This story brings to mind the reports from television of Iraqi military using "pickup trucks" to attack american forces in Iraq...

Clearly the guys in the truck are terrorists, though, since they are attacking American citizens on American soil. They don't look like Muslims, but I understand that certain terrorists have gotten permission to wear GI haircuts in order to "blend in"...

Don't want to jump to conclusions, but the guys in the truck are obviously not Americans, since they seem to have some sort of issue with persons exercising their Constitutional rights.

Has anyone pointed this out to the police? The "hit-and-run" becomes an Act of Terrorism if motive is ascribed to it.

too funny 30.Mar.2003 06:50


You guys are too funny. "Lets smash the state." Err, wait. "Can somebody call the State's tool: 911. We have an emergency." Hope those streets aren't blocked and the ambulance can get through.

dumbass 30.Mar.2003 09:16


Ah, prejudice. Let's lump all antiwar protestors into one undifferentiated mass. Perhaps we should explain something to you: The peace campers are not from the "smash the state" bloc of Portland antiwar activism. They don't tag and vandalize. They don't occupy bridges. They camp. That's it.

So chill.

ohh...my mistake 30.Mar.2003 09:49


Oh, my mistake. I took you at your face value when you spoke of solidarity and marched together. How inconsiderate of me to think that you had something in common.

Medical Care is for Everyone? 30.Mar.2003 11:03


That is so ridiculous, to assert that a victim of a hit and run shouldn't call 911 because they participated in a anti-WAR march in solidarity with anarchists. Shit, anarchists even have their own medics (the Black Cross), but they'll still call 911 when things get bad enough, if only because they are legally obligated to do so.

I think you're taking the Shut It Down aspect of these protests a little too far. I've never heard anyone even come CLOSE to suggesting that protests should impede emergency services.

What is B smoking? 30.Mar.2003 13:14


I don't know what's up with B or how he claims to represent us Anarchists. I know for a fact that I would never allow anybody to call 911 for me, even if I were lying therebloodied. 911 is a tool of a corrupt State and to use it is to sanction the State.

PDX Finest, and What They're Really All About 30.Mar.2003 15:32


So. Let me get this straight. The cops will beat people up for sitting in intersections holding candles in a moment of shared helplessness the day the war breaks out. The cops will use chemical weapons on innocent bystanders who happen to be near someone daring to walk in the STREET without a permit. The cops will arrest anyone -- even a MINISTER! -- for JAYWALKING. Jaywalking. People are getting arrested in Portland, for jaywalking.

But some billy bob from the stix can come in and harrass, intimidate, and then actually run into someone in their big mesomorphic pickup truck, and the cops do nothing?

Why am I not surprised.

Smoke another stogie, Marty.

anarchist 17=police instigator, f.b.i. 30.Mar.2003 17:10


Or maybe just a dumb kid but i'll bet my toast HE is white tool of the state Never have I heard doctors put in with bald white businessmen and cops before. Calling the cops is one thing (though we need a good citezens alternative first- and since were not allowed to organize hmmm) but 911 please. The stae provides police and fire, I would gladly trade that in for some lovely health care. Lets ogranize anarcho#17 AND OPEN UP A FREE CLINIC.

hit and run 31.Mar.2003 10:27


Bill, you need a lawyer. You've got a case agaist this driver. Go for it. If the police won't bring him to justice, you can in civil court. I had to quit protesting in front of the federal building because of drivers like this one. Isn't it sad when you have to worry about your safety because of expressing dissent?

Why no 911 31.Mar.2003 23:31


Sadly, the police response to Bill is probably not based on his being a protestor (though their arresting people for jaywalking, not showing id's and such is). Many years ago (1994) I was crossing the street (legally) and just about run over by a driver, who then hopped out and slugged me because I had whacked his car with my hand as I jumped away. I'm knocked over; blood everywhere. Bystanders got the license number and called the police. The police came, shrugged and said (in basically so many words), "well, you should really be more careful. If you want to file charges, go to DMV and look up his license plate number to get his name, mail in a request (no walk-ins) with a check for $10 for a copy of the police report, take a day off work to talk with the DA, and maybe they'll charge him with assault 3. We aren't going to do anything, ourselves."

After several events like that (e.g. "stolen bike? who cares?"), hearing the police talk like fascists at my neighborhood association, seeing the police claim stress disability years after they shoot someone when they are about to be disciplined, and so on, I got to adding up benefits and costs and decided that I'm not going to bother with the police anymore, since I'm as likely to get myself or some other poor bystander (or the perpetrator, who is after all a human even if a dumbass) shot as to have any other result, much less one that is measured, reasonable and effective. The police response to the current protests has only made me more certain that this decision is correct.

Rock On! 03.Apr.2003 02:29


Ill buy the driver a beer,,,and never forget "PACIFISTS ARE THE PARASITES OF FREEDOM"