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police / legal a22: bush protest

Alan Stuart Graf, National Lawyers Guild Portland Policy Bd. Chair

Protect Your Rights---The Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild is Working For You.

For those of you who understand that the Portland Police Bureau is engaged in a systematic effort to destroy the Bill of Rights in Portland, please consider the following:

The local chapter of the National Lawyers Guild is working more than full-time to protect your rights and the U.S. Constitution. Stu Sugarman and Paul Loney, the Litigation Committee of the Guild have been organizing and recruiting lawyers to defend those who have been arrested.

On another front, I, along with other guild lawyers have been aggressively pursuing a law suit against the City of Portland, Mayor Katz, Kroeker and other named officers to make them pay for their systematic violations of the Bill of Rights and their attempts to brutalize and punish innocent protestors for merely expressing their dissent to war.

To do this right- to have an EFFECT-- both of these efforts take money. The defense of protestors will involve the securing and copying of photos, videotapes, investigators, and other discovery to go forward.

The A-22 lawsuit team needs to hire experts, take depositions and utilize other resources to ensure that we can prevail.

The defense lawyers are all working for free. The A-22 lawyers are not charging their clients anything and hope eventually to be paid by the City for their work.


Please go to my website for details if interested in pitching in.

Thanks for your solidarity and support--Lets work together to defend our precious liberties.

Alan Graf
Chair, Policy Board, Portland National Lawyers Guild

homepage: homepage: http://www.hippielawyer.com

A Question for Alan 02.Apr.2003 14:27


Alan thank you and all the others for your support and assistance.You are all truly wonderful and give all attorneys a good name.Now I have a question that I hope you will answer:Under what circumstances DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE COPS IDENTIFICATION OR TELL THEM YOUR NAME? If you are at a protest and are approached by a cop who asks for id are you obligated to show any if you are not being arrested or cited?Thanks.

Emperor Graf has no clothes 02.Apr.2003 19:18


Re: Self-styled "hippie lawyer" Alan Graf: Chair, Policy Board, Portland National Lawyers Guild. Wow! That's a huge title! I guess that just about makes him the Emperor of Beggar Lawyers in this burg. Well, the Emperor has no clothes, just like in the Grimm tale. Would you follow an unclothed Emperor very far? I wouldn't, and I think a much better place for your spare change would be Sisters of the Road Cafe, so a few really needy homless people can be fed.

Folks, we have real problems of hunger and homelessness in this city, and Alan Graf isn't going to solve any of them. He can sue until he's blue in the face, but all of the Emperor's lawsuits can't clothe the naked idiocy of his cause, or the cause of the violent anarchists. Just say no.

Hunger is Grimm

Brother Grimm 02.Apr.2003 20:56


You're funny. If anyone walks his talk, it's Alan Graf.

Fuck off and go back to taking it up the ass at the precinct.

another pic 02.Apr.2003 22:57


another pic
another pic

yet another 02.Apr.2003 22:59


yet another
yet another

officer lee 02.Apr.2003 23:00


officer lee
officer lee

here add this 03.Apr.2003 01:40


I took this the same day as those ones above..it'll be in the mercury..note the HUGE space into the sidewalk as people are crammed by the building
here add this
here add this

this means... 03.Apr.2003 16:47


have a job that covers more than your expenses? have a resource or an idea? use them to support these people, they do incredible work and they do it for you!

fundraising ideas:
a sitdown catered dinner. charge $10 or more a plate. dress up silly and serve it to people who can afford to pay that much for a meal (that's alot of people!). the dumpsters are your friend (but, remember, never feed the trash to people without telling them that you're doing so)! so are the various folks who do food not bombs! all this takes is time and some cooking skills and a place to do it

movie showings: indymedia films, antiwar films, weird art films, whatever. needs a space and a projector.

art auction! silent or otherwise. could be incorporated into the sitdown dinner.

work collectives. start a business (housecleaning? landscaping? a cafe? carpentry? ????). pay yourself, and commit to using your profits to support people's activist work. i honestly believe that if such things existed that people would go out of their way to use them (look at working assets phone company for a large scale model of this)

basically this is coming from a point of view that there are alot of financial resources out there. many people in this community are financially stable and more than willing to support other activists. case in point....jail support passed a hat at one of the indymedia benefit showings....and got over $100! (thank you thank you thank you!).

even if you personally do not have the financial stability to give money, there are still tons of ways to get some money for it. be creative......and remember, it's really really really important!

yes 04.Apr.2003 11:51

Brian criticalmasser@riseup.net

Hey, the last picture psted on this is of me getting pepper sprayed. I was singled out by police officers, one of which has had a grudge against me at least since F15...officer Butler. He and another officer scared everyone around me away and then each sprayed me directly. You can see from the picture that there is no one else around. I was standing on the sidewalk. I consider this police brutality and/or harassment, and I will definately testify if witnesses are needed. I would also like to see any other pictures of this if there are any, email me. Peace.Love.