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The OPB informational void and KBOO

I'm sitting here listening to KBOO, trying to call a radio show for the first time in my life. The line is busy. I'm very upset. Maybe not so articulate at the moment. Theresa Mitchell's show re NPR two weeks ago was great. Though that kind of opinion broadcast is rare. I've heard OPB called KBOO's "sister station" on a KBOO show several times; which is something I'm sure wouldn't be reciprocated on opb. In fact, I think we'd be pressed to even hear the existence of KBOO acknowledged on opb.

OPB is incredibly dangerous. Yes, it's true they do have some interesting programming, but the damage done is in their general informational tone. What they leave out, and what they assume for the listeners to be the only "true information" they do this very casually, which sets up a tone of validity without assumption of opposing fact.

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OPB: Corparate Whore or Public Sponsored... which will it be?

Everyday I watch several programs on OPB but I was wondering if someone could clarify some things about OPB for me? First of all, how can it still be called "public" when a large portion of their funding comes from corporate sponsors such as Kellogg's and ADM? Every thirty minutes at the top and the bottom of the hour they have at least 5 minutes and sometimes upwards of 10 minutes of, for lack of a better word, advertisements... Also, how could one expect OPB to do an unbiased news show about say for instance GMO corn when they get this money from Kellogg's and ADM?

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