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mobilize for fall WTO/ FTAA meetings

Meeting Sunday, June 15
616 E. Burnside

Dear activists, unionists, fellow organizers,

As you may already know, this fall there will be two major opportunities to
mobilize our communities in solidarity with folks around the world against
the forces of corporate globalization. September 10-14 there will be a WTO
ministerial meeting in Cancun, Mexico. November 20-21 there will be FTAA
negotiations in Miami, Florida.

Nationally, many groups and communities have already begun to organize for
these events. We, the Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition (CBLOC),
would like to begin to form a coalition here in Portland. Rather than
propose a particular model or strategy ourselves, we would like to come
together and start to discuss how we can organize in a diverse partnership,
with a decentralized and open structure that empowers people with many
different interests, backgrounds, and cultures, to participate.

Please come to an initial meeting to help strategize on how to build for a
larger, more democratic planning meeting in early July. We will not be
deciding the format for the protests, the goals, or the tactics at this
initial meeting. It is important to us that those whose voices are often
underrepresented, silenced, and most impacted by corporate exploitation,
are empowered to shape this struggle. We recognize that organizations in
Portland focusing on these issues directly may not represent the diversity
of those who are impacted by globalization.

Please join us this coming Sunday at 6pm.
616 E. Burnside

phone: phone: 503-236-7916
address: address: 616 E. Burnside