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Sat June 28 - 7pm !! Benefit for A22 (Bush Protest) Lawsuit

cops pepperspraying On August 22, pResident Bush visited Portland, Oregon, and was greeted by thousands of protesters. Forest activists kicked off the day of dissent with a tree-sit in the North Park Blocks. The Portland chapter of the Pacific Green Party held a rally on the Waterfront. Hundreds of police, including many in full riot gear, staked out a nine square block area around the Hilton Hotel where Bush was speaking, giving protesters free reign throughout the rest of downtown where they took the streets, blocked intersections, and made a joyful noise.

In the late afternoon, police declared a state of emergency, and threatened to arrest anyone who did not disperse. Very few people heard these announcements and police did not give the crowd time to comply. The police then turned violent, shooting people with rubber bullets and pepper-spraying many others. Children were among the victims of chemical attacks, including a 10 month old baby.

Lovely Beulahland Benefit for Bush protest lawsuit
Saturday, June 28 @ 7:00 pm
Beulahland - NE 28th, between Couch & Davis
$6 - $20 suggested donation
Age: 21 and over

Come to a benefit for the Bush protest lawsuit! Starting at 7pm, the Portland Indymedia Video about the 2002 Bush Protest will be shown, and Alan Graf will talk about the lawsuit he's pressing against the city for police brutality. Then the ever-kickass Digital Knife and Del Toros will play, hopefully followed by Riot Cop if they're not dead or in Sacramento [why would they be in Sacramento? see here: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/sacramento/] All the proceeds from the benefit will be used to hire experts on pepper spray and police brutality, to pay deposition fees, etc, not to the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) attorney pressing the case, nor to the volunteer legal team. [ Read More ] [ Portland Indymedia A22 coverage | Pictures of the Benefit | Alan Graf's site ]