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Report from UC-Davis direct action activist

http://biotechimc.org/images/2003/06/1056.jpg Hello supporters and miscreants, much thanks to everyone who has helped out at and since the action at UC Davis on Tuesday. I was one of them hangin' out in Davis ( http://biotechimc.org/or/2003/06/1055.shtml), the one on the left with glasses. This is my first chance to debrief, so I guess I'll sum it up by saying that we've had a lot of good support from people, a lot of people haven't even heard about the Davis action which is sad, but at least it made the front page of the Davis Enterprise. Not sure what other media it made, cept for some TV the next day. Anyhow, we all know that that is not particularly the point, the corporate media coverage. We're all dealing with bullshit felony charges, and four misdemeanors, but we don't expect any of it to stick. [ Read more ]