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Sunday BEE column about Police Overkill

Columnist Daniel Weintraub wasn't very sympathetic to the issues raised by the Mobilization, but was appalled by the police tactics used against protesters. Most importantly, he provides a context for how the police have developed these tactics in recent years, and the philosophy of suppression behind them,a context that is not really understood by the general public.
Here's the link:

Rude Friggin Cops Down There in SAC!!! 29.Jun.2003 21:45


The following to Columnist Daniel Weintraub:

I read your piece and concur. My name is Wes Brain, live in Ashland, Oregon, and came to Sacramento for this event. I am an independent and part-time journalist. In Sac I was restrained in practicing journalism.

Perhaps the most hideous display of cop overkill that I saw while in your capitol city was that at a press converence on Monday afternoon put together by small farmers, nation-wide, who came together with a very powerful message. Your cops were there with large overkill and were so damn rude that they disrupted the darn event. Motorcyles were so loud that media could hardly hear and the threat made to journalists to stay off the street was rediculous. They were blocking one lane of the street anyway, and those friggin cops should have shared that space with us, reporters... They got it all mixed up about who the hell they are protecting. Totally backwards, it shoud be US, not the corporate world!

I have video of the event, and I wanted to let you know that I hear you loud and clear regarding the words you wrote about this increasing police state we live in... I'm glad to be back in Oregon and leave the super wierd capitol you have there... Shameful. Very Shameful.

Wes Brain
OPEU District Four Productions
Ashland, Oregon