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Letters to Red Red?

Does anyone know how and where when can send letters of support to Red Red? I think it's really important right now that she knows how many people are standing with her.
outta jail!! 29.Jun.2003 21:53

redred redredlori@riseup.net

Thanks for being so great and wanting to let me know whos got my back!! I was realeased from jail on thursday and have been on a self-imposed house arrest. While being realeased from jail I was treatened by the police and dont watn to take chances with re-arrest. I am stuck in sacto though, and am waiting for court on wend to see what eveidence could be brought out. Unfortunetly, it seems that the window that was not broken upon my arrest had become broken since the case has gained attention. So things have taken a serious turn. But I am prepared to camp out here in sacto until I am obsolved of these false charges. If I am taken into custody on wend I would love it if people sent me letters. Sacromento county jail has the most lock-down time of any jail in the system, so with twenty three hours spent in a tiny cell, letter would be a bright spot and a way to maitain my sanity. You could send then to me there, but you would have to ask around and find my full name to have them go through. Thank you for thinking of me. I am so amazed by the support I have gotten and cant feel sad about this becuase of all the love thats come my way!!

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