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Sacramento - Monday, June 23 - the Mud Peoples' Song

I'm not a pagan or a hippie or a pacifist. Don't know that I'm tough enough but believe in fighting when fighting is necessary. But there was something about the strong, centered energy of the mud people, their song and dance, some naked, none armored, in the face of a predatory combination of "law enforcement" ... that really got to me.
actually, this is from the Red Red Rally. But he was cool too.
actually, this is from the Red Red Rally. But he was cool too.
It shook me more than the weapons, the constant surveillance, the petty harassment, the power of the State. Their song spoke to some undiscovered hope, its roots possibility and responsibility entwined, the great challenge. My fear and anger and rebellion had no place in the green, growing thing, were superfluous, useless and silly. As the mud people embarked on a spiral dance and spoke their song, it was their strength together and their ability to build that was important. It was almost as if they negated the existence of their persecutors via lack of acknowledgment. Even now, I'm awed at how their song shakes me. It went something like this (but not exactly), "We are the rising of the moon, We are the setting of the sun, We are the wind that lifts the wings, We are the river as it runs..."

These are a few pictures from that dance at the Welcome Center @ 12th & C, Sacramento, Monday, June 23, 2003. People were gathered there in opposition to the WTO faux-ministerial where corporations tried to sell sovereign nations on genetic engineering unchecked by transparency or accountability to the people.
Lyrics correction 02.Jul.2003 21:26

a mud person

Lyrics (from Calgary G8 protest written by Starhawk):
We are the rising of the moon
We are the shifting of the ground
We are the seed that takes root
When we bring the fortress down