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Planning Meeting for Local WTO Protests

This September, lots of folks will be heading to Cancun to protest the WTO. But really, how many of us have the time and the money to go thousands of miles away for a protest? And who really wants to spend time in a Mexican jail? Would you rather mobilize in your own city, where you're more likely to see the effects of your actions, have more input into what's going down, and feel more invested in the community?
While the WTO meets in Cancun and thousands converge to disrupt the meetings, local disruptions and mobilizations are being planned all over the Americas, including right here in Portland. Come to the meetings and start getting organized.

The next meeting will be at 7pm on Tuesday, July 22 at 616 E. Burnside.

The following meeting will be on Thursday, July 31.

The international day of action will be Saturday, September 13, and there will be a variety of actions and events happening all week here in Portland, including teach-ins, movies, workshops, marches, possibly a mural, and hopefully numerous events that have not yet been planned or cannot be announced (maybe critical mass??). Show up to the meeting to plug into what is happening, put in your two cents, put out some ideas, and get this thing rolling.

And now a special note for anarchists/other "radicals":
I know that these meetings can be difficult (they are for me), but it is really important that we make it to the meeting so that we can make sure that our organizational needs are met in planning direct actions, snake marches, blocs, or anyt other ideas we can come up with. I have seen many times liberals taking the wheel at the organizing table for mobilizations, and then making it difficult for people who have different tactics in mind. We need to bring up our needs right now. If we want to start having spokescouncil meetings for affinity groups, we need to show up on Tuesday and start planning spokescouncils. If we want a certain day devoted to direct action, we need to show up at the meeting and plan it. If we want to shut down the Nike World Headquarters a certain day, we need to start planning NOW. Ok, that is the end of my rant. Don't show up if you don't mind leaving it up to the liberals to organize the whole thing and then being left an unorganized mess of a "black" bloc on one day of the protest, not knowing what to do, and getting fucked with by the cops and not getting anythign done.
Oops, I'm still ranting.

Ok, I'm done.
Re: 19.Jul.2003 08:11


Same location for both meetings(?).

location unconfirmed 19.Jul.2003 12:28


the location for the second meeting has not been confirmed yet, but it should be figured out on tuesday

important 20.Jul.2003 13:31


Thanks for the post
This is really important- there hasn't been such a large mobilization in portland for a long time, i can't even remember one that would be like this
they should make it a feature