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Collection of All A21 Flyers

I just wanted to collect all the flyers that have been posted in one place so that people (including myself) can have an easier time find them. Let's do some printing and distributing, have some flyering parties, and make sure that everyone is aware of what will be happening.
Time and Place Date Only

kinkos 17.Aug.2003 04:04


i heard this rumor that kinko's was sponcering all printing for this occasion. I was told u can just walk into any kinkos and give wink to the employee, show them your flyer, and walk out with a backpack full at a time. is there any truth to this rumor?

"Portland Says NO to Bush" Window Sign 18.Aug.2003 14:17

Portland Says NO to Bush organizing group

pdf of 11"x17" inch window sign. please print and distribute freely.
Portland Says NO to Bush window sign
Portland Says NO to Bush window sign

another one 20.Aug.2003 15:28

indy worker drone

portland indymedia flyer 20.Aug.2003 23:29

indy worker drone

USE THIS GRAPHIC for posters. 21.Aug.2003 12:34


The George W Bush 2000 Stolen Election Commemorative Coin.