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Bush Visit Schedule

This from KATU. I don't know if I would actually trust it, but perhaps we should make plans for if Bush does drive to UofP.

Not related, but... any one got rotten fruit they can bring?
Schedule of President Bush's Visit To Oregon

10:55am President flies into Portland Air Base

11:15am - 11:45am President drives to U of P

12:05pm - 12:45pm President gives speech, attends fundraiser

12:45pm - 1:15pm President drives to Portland Air Base

1:15pm Air Force One takes off for central Oregon

1:50pm Air Force One lands at Bend/Redmond Airport

3:15pm President visits Camp Sherman area

3:50pm President speaks on Healthy Forests Initiative

Friday 8:30am Air Force One leaves

Bush is a fugitive in his own country 20.Aug.2003 11:59


What a joke Bush is. He's a fugitive is his own country. The only places he visits are military bases, military contractors, and luncheons held in the palaces restricted to the elite. He's too chickenshit to face any real citizens or criticism, hiding behind legions of Secret Service goons who move anyone dissenting from his lying agenda to a protest pen a mile away. As pointed out from day one, he's shamefully an appointed resident of the White House, without a Presidential bone in his body.

gap in schedule 20.Aug.2003 12:17


What about the gap from 3:50pm to 8:30am Friday? PDX Hilton maybe?

sleeping 20.Aug.2003 12:46


maybe he is forced to sleep on AirForce 1 while parked at the Air national guard base.

but maybe he is at a downtown hotel. People should check all the nice hotels around and see if security looks high. If it is, use the paging system (or indymedia) to let everyone know where bush is.

No sleep for Bush in Little Beirut!

sleeping in central oregon 20.Aug.2003 13:00

boregonian reader

today's oregonian article said he'd be sleeping in a private home in central oregon

lodging 20.Aug.2003 13:45

fly on the wall

i know exactly who and where he will be staying. of course i'm not going to share this information, i just thought it would be nice to let you know that he won't be spending much time at all in portland, or even the metropolitan area. don't waste your time looking around hotels and such. of course you'll say that i'm lying and trying to spread misinformation, but just keep that in mind, and time will tell who is correct.

ranch 20.Aug.2003 14:00


Some swanky dude ranch out by black butte or sunriver no doubt, owned by someone from portland as a cozy weekend getaway.

RE: Bush is a fugitive in his own country 20.Aug.2003 14:27

little bird

CORRECTION: The white house Resident is a fugutive in the United States of America. Here in the Republic of Cascadia, the Resident is an International Terrorist who is entering our nation illegally and who needs to be told in no uncertain terms to GET THE FUCK OUT!

So, my fellow Cascadians, are we going to be BORDER AGENTS tomorow?!? We have some Diplomatic issues to settle with Mr. Bush.

whatever 20.Aug.2003 15:15


that's a nice example of some surface level rethoric there little bird. do you actually have anything meaningful to contribute to our dialogue?


Portland's mayor. cascadialibre@yahoo.com

yes, indeed, the time has come to recognize some simple facts: we are not a part of this regime: watch carefully tomorrow and ask is this what a president should recieve in his homeland? ponder this: what makes a nation a nation? not just ours. any nation. the united states shares amongst itself no ecological or economic borders no common ethnicity and as we will witness tomorrow no common ideology or leader. a people divided can not prosper. the republic of cascadia espouses a system of borders based on all the above things. commit to cascadia, commit to cascadian ideals, you probably already do and just don't know it. the idea of a liberate pac NW is only as absurd as we let it be. and above all else remember: everyone one of us stands to benefit from a seperation from the regime and system that brought us this president and this war. bush is not to blame the system that put him there is.

Cascadian Separatists make a good point 20.Aug.2003 15:52


I agree that the notion of an independent Cascadia is as real as we make it. We already have the best farmland in North America and could do alright temporarily sealing the borders. And once we stop supporting the US war machine, we could pay teachers what they deserve. Think it over. Even though the civil war was fought, there is nothing in the US constitution that says states can't leave if they want. Maybe we could offer Bush asylum, just like Charles Taylor, if he resigns.

give us a little hint, fly on the wall SS guy 20.Aug.2003 15:55

one of a flock of little birds

Give us a little hint, fly on the wall SS guy. If you're so smart, why don't you prove it. I actually know where Bush will stay and I'll tell you if you're right. If you don't respond, everyone will know that you're just a doodoo head.

Keep Bush Out of Cascadia! Forever!! 20.Aug.2003 16:02


No way should we give Bush asylum after we secede and the rest of the states revolt and force Bush into exile. I'm sure his buddies Saddam and Osama will take him in.

Here is your magic wand.....now what? 20.Aug.2003 22:15


I stumbled on to this site looking for information regarding the protesting. Quite frankly, I don't understand where the passion comes from for such hatred for some of the many things that I belive make us a great, but sometimes flawed country. Please try to resist flaming on me. I am sincerely trying to engage in conversation and am attempt to understand something that I find very confusing. Maybe this is the wrong forum.

So if someone gave you the magic wand what would you do? How would you protect yourself the Hilters in the future? What would you pay teachers starting tomorrow morning and where would the money come from?

Again, please don't flame on me. If you think of me as some ignorant whatever, just pass.


again the accusation of hatred 20.Aug.2003 22:46


Do not confuse anger with hatred. While there are certainly some people who hate, most people that will be protesting are just angry (to put it mildly, more accurately "really fucking pissed off"). What I would do with my magic wand is much more than I have time to write, but here are some thoughts. First of all, cut military spending in half, at least and end all illegal occupations by the US military. That will provide more money than we could ever need for other needs. Give the lowest 60% of income earners a 25% tax cut, at least. Provide more money for more schools, especially for promoting diversity in school offerings, teaching methods, and resources. Revoke corporate personhood. Work toward implementing Jefferson's missing other amendments to the constitution. Pass legislation to penalize any government official who violates their specific duties under the constitution (to keep congress from abdicating its responsibility in matters of war, and hence preventing what Jefferson called "The Tyranny of Kings" that we're under now). Make all arms sales illegal. Immediately stop all upgrades to the US nuclear arsenal (saving hundreds of millions of dollars a year). Of course, if it was a magic wand I suppose I could just make all weapons disappear from the planet. That's the trouble with the magic wand scenario, to easy to get carried away rather than work practically toward a goal. Ever read Vonnegut's "Report on the Barnhouse Effect." Oddly enough, it's online here:  http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Node/4729/barnhouse.html. Give it a read, and maybe then we can start moving forward on practical solutions as a healthy outlet for the anger so many people in this country feel right now due to the state of the economy and its related problems, cuts in social services, destruction of the environment, unjustified and illegal wars without end, Orwellian surveillance and punishment, and countless more than I can list here. Have a good night, hope you show up at the protest, it'll be an experience.

to the mom 21.Aug.2003 00:02


What would I do to protect us all from the future hitlers of the world?

Fucking-A .......that's what I am doing! I am taking to the streets to say NO to BUSH (aka the 2nd coming of Hitler). If this doesn't work and doesn't lead to landslide vote against Bush in 2004...........I don't know what I am going to do to get rid of the the little hitler, but I sure do hope you are clued in and realize that this POTUS is your greatest security threat.

I have nightline on right now. One of the questions is.....GEE, should be embark on a wary with Syria. And wonderful guest says......Nah, not right now, we have our hands full with Afgh and Iraq. (so does that mean the only QUESTION about taking out yet another country and 1000s of innocent people is WHETHER WE HAVE THE RESOURCES AND TIME? That's the question now? Not IF but WHEN?). The fact that you aren't ANGRY.......concerns me.

I will have to worry about the teacher pay at a later time. Meanwhile.......Bush just KILLED Teachers of America. Killed it dead. Among other really unconscienable things done to our schools.......

Sigh 13.Aug.2004 02:59


Sigh...Sometimes I hate living with the loonies of Oregon. I am seeing heads stuck up to the small intestines here, people unwilling, through their hatred, to actually look at the world around them, but instead look at a world created by Michael Moore. If it wasn't so tragically idiotic, it would be stupid.

I, personally, would hate being part of a party associated with Michael Moore, stories of actually assassinating the rightful President (thank God Gore wasn't elected) and such extreme hatred as seen in the Democrat party.

Me? I'd rather be a God-fearing right-wing nutjob with a conscience who loves my country through all the good and bad.

The Raped Loving the Rapist 08.Aug.2008 01:16

Thom Asspain

Just curious , "Sigh" - four years later, the country you "love through good and bad" now bankrupt, owned by foreign nations (primarily China and Saudi Arabia) to which it was sold by republicunt cuntservative korporate scrotes, hated by the rest of the world, its infrastructure in shambles, child poverty the highest in the world and the right to health care DENIED because these cuntservative korporate scum think its more important to maintain "free markets" while providing socialist-style protection to hugely wealthy blood-sucking korporate filth - are you STILL glad to be "a God-fearing right-wing nutjob with a conscience"? ("Conscience"...what a sick, sad, sorry joke...)