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Bike To Columbia Park

Looking For Directions For Southeast Portland.
Does anyone have a good idea for an easy route to Columbia Park on bike from close-in southeast Portland...? Thanks.
meeting 20.Aug.2003 13:13


i believe there is a group that is meeting at 20th and Ankeny. Haven't found out the meeting time but i am going to get there at around 9:30. i am sure they will have good route planned out and there should be a decent group to ride along with.

and... 20.Aug.2003 13:44


There's also a group meeting at Ladd's Circle at 9:30 am.

biking 20.Aug.2003 14:34

knowledge is power

Information was posted here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/08/270054.shtml on bike routes, and groups of people looking to meet up to ride together. Sounds like a good idea.

meeting time 21.Aug.2003 07:16

bicycle wheels

meeting time should be 9:00 to give ourselves time to get there.

Also, more people are meeting at the citybikes annex which is the one on 8th and ankeny