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Map of Columbia park, University of Portland

map/photo of u of p
Here is a map of the U of P and Columbia park. Print it up and bring it with you. Bring a few extra copies if you can. The Chiles center, where Bush will be, is in the North corner of the U of P campus (not the star on the map).


And if you're interested, here's an aerial photo of the place. Chiles center is the big round thing.


homepage: homepage: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?email=1&mapdat

huh? 20.Aug.2003 13:25


This comes up as a map of the midwestern states for me.

Maps 20.Aug.2003 13:43


I hope this helps.

The Chiles Center is the red dome.
Map of North Portland
Map of North Portland
Map of UP
Map of UP

link to UofP map 20.Aug.2003 13:48


Try this link.



Yes, but... 20.Aug.2003 14:20


Where are the toilets? The green areas?

more maps 20.Aug.2003 14:31

knowledge is power

It's been said before, but... 20.Aug.2003 14:37

...it's worth repeating.

If you need to pee, find a bush!

sorry about that 20.Aug.2003 15:23


here you go: