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Central Oregonian Bush Visit Protest

Bush plans to galvant around central Oregon tommorrow after he makes a brief appearance in Portland. Rest assured, folks out here are just as disgusted about his administration as ya'all on the west side and we intend to give him a proper greeting to let the world know that we want an end to his warmongering, ecologically destructive, and oppressive policies.
Details: A demonstration will begin at 2:30pm on August 21st. Location choice #1: Head west on Hwy 20 from Bend (or east if you're coming from Eugene) Go past Sisters (or past Suttle Lake if you're coming from Eugene) and turn North onto Forest Service Road 14 (the turn-off to Camp Sherman). Go until you see people. Location choice #2: It's currently looking like not only will we not be able to turn onto F.S. Rd. 14, but a big chunk of Hwy 20 may be closed off for a.) security reasons and b.)there's a couple of fires that recently started in the area (they are probably human caused as there has been no lightning). In this case, people will drive as far as they can until they are stopped by the roadblock, and then commence to have the protests there.
Plan B: Because of the fires in this area, the whole presidential tour to the Metolious may be cancelled. In this case, we will focus our efforts on a location near the Redmond airport. Sorry for the lateness (and flexible details) of these announcements, but we have had a very difficult time figuring out when thngs are happening. It's almost as though there's an effort to make it difficult for people to organize a protest....
NEW LOCATION 20.Aug.2003 14:07


Try the "Crooked River Ranch" to find Shrub in Central Oregon on Thursday.
Good luck trying to get near it.

i'll be in portland 20.Aug.2003 14:44


But I'd love to see a write up and some pictures posted here of what goes on in central oregon.

Important Update on Central Oregon Protest!!! 20.Aug.2003 17:56

The Bush "Healthy Forest Plan " Makes Me Sick! riverina999@yahoo.com

Bush's visit to the Metolious Basin Project in the Deschutes has been cancelled due to a fire in the area. However, he is still planning to arrive at the Redmond Municipal airport at 1:50pm. Shortly afterwards he will be going to the nearby Deschutes County fairground to make a speech about the "Healthy Forest
Plan" and who knows what other awful things...The current protest plan is:

12:30pm: Meet at the Shopko parking lot on Hwy 97 in Bend for carpools. Please bring signs, costumes,
banners, and whatever else seems appropriate for greeting the president.
1:00pm: The last carpools will leave to go to the Deschutes County Fairgrounds (or the closest we can get)
1:30pm: The Bush Protest/Unwelcome Committee will be in place.
1:50pm: Bush arrives at the airport. He's supoosed to go to the fairgrounds soon afterwards...

Time Change! 20.Aug.2003 21:38

Marteen Lopez

Hola All!

A good friend of mine is a Redmond Police officer. They we breifed tonight as to Bush arrival time at the Redmond Airport. It's 3:10! Not 1:50!

Supposedly this is because of the fire cancellation and time change. This means he will be in Portland longer.

Should we not meet then about 2:15 then at the Shopko parking lot and go from there???

Let's give 'em hell!

Hmmm.... 20.Aug.2003 23:00

what author?

This time change could mean that bush will be in Portland longer, or it could mean....

...that bush will be showing up in Portland later.

Wouldn't it be nice for the old Thief-in-Chief if all the rowdy protestors had been cleaned off the streets before he arrived?

Let's not forget how two years ago we were tricked into leaving MLK before bush showed up...

Yes, things do keep changing 21.Aug.2003 09:04

The Bush "Healthy Forest Plan" makes me sick!!

It's very annoying the schedule keeps changing, but we're still going to be there. Here's the deal. As of this morning it still sounds like Bush will be coming in at 1:50pm to the Redmond airport, but he will then be taking off for a scenic helicopter ride over the fires. He will then be going to the Deschutes County Fairgrounds to yammer about the "Healthy Forest Plan" to a closed invite-only audience. We have changed our plans accordingly:
2:00pm: Meet for carpools at the Shopko parking lot on US 97 in Bend.
2:30pm: The last of the carpools leaves to head north to the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in
3:00pm: Bush protest/Unwelcome committee in place on public land in the vicinity of the fairgrounds
3:30-3:50: Bush speaking