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COMMUNIQUE from the Puppetistas in Cancun!!!

COMMUNIQUE from the Puppetistas in Cancun!!!
*** please forward widely ***

Attention all!

Things are really beginning to pick up here in Cancun as more and more people are arriving every day to take to the streets against the WTO!

There is lots of work still yet to be done, and everyone is encouraged to participate! If you think there would be nothing to do if you came early, think again! There is much to be done, and there are many places to stay.

The Mayan Gods are angry, and the WTO is to blame!

The artistic theme for the actions taking place against the WTO in September is that the Mayan gods are angry! They are upset that the WTO, which is playing a leading role in the exploitation and impoverishment of their people, is coming to hold their secretive little meetings on sacred Mayan land. Each God and Goddess has a bone to pick with this conniving group of rich men known as the WTO:

Here are the projects and puppets currently being worked on in Cancun:

-- Chac, the God of rain, is very upset about the WTO´s plans to continue the privatization of Water.
-- Itzma, the God of Maiz, or corn, is infuriated that the WTO has allowed the relentless flow of cheap, transgenic, and heavily subsidized US corn to flood the Mexican market, putting his people out of business and displacing them from their land.
-- Hurukan, the God of the Hurricanes, is ready to do some damage
-- Ixchel, the goddess of the moon, will make her presence known!
-- Kukulkan, the universal symbol for all of Mesoamerica, similar to the Aztec god Queztalcoatl, will be with us all during the actions
-- Hunahpu, the god of the sun, will be urging the WTO to consider the use of solar energy

... ... ... ... .and many many more gods and goddesses will be marching with us, but they need your help to be constructed and created, and given life!

Things still needed in Cancun (Wish list):

-- Old Backpack frames, external are best, but any will do
-- Small P.A. systems to install inside the puppets
-- Fabric
-- Glitter and other decorative tools
-- Mylar
-- Surgical Tubing
-- AND YOU!!!

So come to Cancun to help create puppets, banners, stencils, and a better world!!