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imperialism & war a21 bush protests

Thanks KGW!

The folks at KGW are obviously Anti-Bush
The fine folks at KGW portrayed the protest in a very positive way. Many "Fuck Bush" and "Fuck off" signs were displayed visibly on the live shots. Even the on-the-scene reported indicated that the protesters had a huge presence and very creative signs. They said Bush could not possibly ignore the message. Similarly, they downplayed and kind of teased the Pro-Bush supporters, saying only about 20 supporters showed up...compared to the thousands of angry, yet very peaceful folks who showed up to protest the $hrub.

Thanks KGW!
RE Stuck at home 21.Aug.2003 16:20

Portland Ponderer

You beat me to the publish button! I have not seen the coverage so far, but just turned on my tv. I am very glad someone else is a voice of reason on here, and not just radically anti-establishment or whatever. We do need to critically watch news reports, and I have to say, local outlets have been pretty decent this time from what I have seen via the web. Jeff Gianola was really cool during the war beginning protests to, making sure to say that anti-war protesters were not anti-soldiers. These details need to be raised by the media, and I am thankful they are trying to do so.

There is always room for improvements, but I give my props to those who give a genuine good effort to be fair, it is the best we can ask for.

Yes thank you KGW 21.Aug.2003 20:13


I was quite surprised to see a mostly unbiased report of the protests today. They managed to accurately report the number of protesters present and not just focus on the few "freaks" in the crowd.

Kudos to KGW 21.Aug.2003 20:49

stuck at home, too

Yes, I watched the live coverage on KGW today as well. The dude in the newsroom (Russ Lewis?) tried very hard to be objective in his comments, but it was obvious he was quite excited about the huge crowds that showed up to greet the pResident.

Same goes for Brenda Braxton and the nice lady on the street: They kept emphasizing that, because Sky8 was not allowed to fly overhead, the live shots could NOT give the viewers a complete grasp of the huge gathering of angry people at U of P.

They showed your signs, emphasized that the event was passionate, yet peaceful...and essentially made the Pro-Bush ralliers look like the freaks.

Thanks KGW!

yes 22.Aug.2003 00:54


but KATU's coverage was horribly biased against the protestors...and KOIN was pretty bad too.