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KATU Reels off a halfway decent story

Portland's large media outlet has at least one story that does not paint protesters in a bad light...
Allright, so I was not there. I did not feel like being peppersprayed today, imagine that?

For all of you shouting how horribly biased KATU is check the following story.


Now I realize they are corporate media, but it is easy to hear on their video feed, where protesters are chanting "Corporate Media Lies". They may be biased, butthe story at the url above is pretty balanced, and does not shed a bad light on protesters, and includes some great slogans on protest banners. Since these slogans are powerful, I would argue that despite potential pressure from superiors to paint the protesters poorly, the local media is allowing the protesters' word to be shared over a mass medium.

I have no idea what happened with the assault on the camera crew or protestors that occurred today, and figure time will tell. As a member of the public who watches televison news with a critical eye, I am not about to take what is said merely at face value, and no one else should either. We will all "read between the lines" and hear the message we believe is truly being sent, regardless of our opinions, pro or anti Bush. The average American may not have a fancy degree or Ivy League education, but looking at our fearful leader - does Ivy League really mean so much?

Americans are generally speaking a smart group of people, who are sometimes too naively trusting in authority figures. Since 9/11, the lack of WMD's in Iraq and many other questionable tacts taken by Bush's peeps, most Americans I know are questioning his leadership (or lack thereof) and his tactics. Yes, this includes Republicans I know and many people without college educations. We all question what is happening and if what occurs is right, and America will speak her mind in 2004. I only hope someone more progressive, with values I espouse will be who America chooses, whether the Electoral College agrees with us or not.

The collective voice can only be ignored so long, so speak, and choose your words wisely!
Forget the riot cops.... 21.Aug.2003 16:23


.....an underage person selling beer to the protesters? The riot cops have nothing on the OLCC!

Not bad 21.Aug.2003 16:26


Not a bad story at all! Quite impressive that the media could pull off something like that. KATU is getting a little bit of an applause from me.

Not KATU's story 21.Aug.2003 16:40


KATU didn't "reel" off this story.
It is an Associated Press news item.

What did he say... 21.Aug.2003 17:02

Portland Ponderer

I do not know what he actually said. I did get via friends a really funny (my God, I hope this is doctored) video clip of Bush that I am attaching to this post if I can.
Funny, surely Doctored Bush Speech for your enjoyment
Funny, surely Doctored Bush Speech for your enjoyment